Friday, October 14, 2011

Clearwater Threshers

A dear friend of ours plays minor league baseball for the Clearwater Threshers (here in Florida).  This is the minor league team of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He's a talented young man and a sweet one too!  Now y'all.  When I say sweet.  I mean SWEET.  He even manages to come home quite often and always stops by the high school baseball field where he played and help out with practice (he and the high school coach remain very good friends).  He also drops by the little league field every now and then to watch my boys practice baseball.  It just doesn't get any sweeter than that.

We finally made the time to go watch Jiwan play ball late this summer and had a blast!  We discovered two things on this trip.  One, Clearwater is not nearly as far as we thought it was.  Two, minor league baseball games are FUN.  The hubs and I have both been to major league games before, and only one other minor league game, but it seems like the minor games are WAY less stressful!  ha-ha!

Jiwan was so sweet to provide us with amazing seats!  Right behind home plate!  Best seats in the house!

I'm pretty sure that sign should read "Beware of BASEBALLS flying over the net and hitting you in the face".  ha!  

We weren't able to see Jiwan before the game, but I got a few great pictures of him during warm-up.

And if you've never been to a baseball game where the boys stand and listen to the National Anthem, then you've just not lived!  This is probably one of my favorite parts of a game! 

Jiwan played GREAT baseball and we were so excited for him!  There's just no greater feeling in the world than seeing someone you love and respect do well.

 Jiwan in the dugout toward the end of the game...not sure what he's doing here, but he did give us hand signals and ask where the boys were!  ha!  Since the game was at 7:00 at night 2 hours from home, we decided it was best to leave the boys at home and they could see Jiwan later!
 Despite the fact he was disappointed in us for not bringing the kiddos, he did manage to sign a baseball for each of them.

He even made time to get a picture with me!  ha!  And y'all be on the lookout, cause he's moving on up in the world of baseball and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he's Major League by next year. : )
What a great trip to see great baseball with a GREAT friend!


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