Sunday, September 30, 2012

Menu and a BUSY week

At the beginning of each week (usually Sunday afternoons/evenings) I sit down and make a menu for the week, then take my meat out and put it in the fridge to defrost.  (it saves TONS of time).

I posted my menu last week and had a few comments, plus a few emails about various items.  It seems like when I post my menu I always get comments and feedback.  It's such a good feeling!

We've got a busy, busy week this week (and I had a busy weekend with a bridal luncheon and a few other errands).

Sunday - leftover Poppy Seed Chicken from Bridal Luncheon, green beans with almonds, cream style corn, wild rice, and yeast rolls (say nothing about the carbs here please!) HA!

Monday - pork chops and scalloped potatoes, peas

Tuesday - eat at Mimi's house

Wednesday - the husband is cooking!

Thursday - eat at Mimi's house (again)

Friday - not sure yet!  meatloaf?  pizza?

What's on YOUR menu this week?


Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Here!

I've been in desperate need for a new planner for some time now.  In August, I decided I REALLY wanted one (technically it was a need, but whatever).  Earlier this month, I broke down and bought it.

A few days ago, IT CAME. (cue the hallelujah chorus)......and by IT, I mean the  Erin Condren Life Planner.

Imagine my delight when I saw this adorable box on my doorstep!

 Upon opening the box, I discovered even more delight!  A welcome card, business card, and (my love language) a coupon for another order!
 I even received some cute "a little something from" sticky labels!  I LOVE THEM!

 Oh don't you worry Erin Condren, I will definitely ENJOY this!
 I am in LOVE with the pattern I chose!  It's a white background with different colors on it!

 Each page has really nice quotes and words to live by on it.
 I'm guilty of this for sure!

 I stay BUSY, busy, busy, so I need large squares for my calendar!  The Life Planner gives me all the room I need and then some!

 There's even a space at the back so I can "keep it together".  I plan to use this for receipts, or special notes, etc.
Here's the thing y'all (as if you couldn't tell from my above words of affection).  I LOVE MY new planner! I've already started filling out the pages and calendar and so far so good!

p.s. Erin Condren has NO idea who I am!  I just bought the Life Planner and love it so much I wanted to write about it!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend and Growing Up on a Farm

Whew!  I've been swamped y'all !  I haven't had one single minute to sit down and blog (or do anything else for that matter!).  It's been something every.single.night. for weeks.  Some days I feel as though I'm on the verge of a breakdown!  Between homework, Cecil being gone a lot for peanuts, and just other things like dinner, laundry, cleaning, etc. I just don't have time for anything.

Our weekend was another busy one!  Because a friend of mine (ours) was hostessing a bridal shower for Cecil's cousin at my house, I needed to clean clean clean!  Instead of going to the Gator game Saturday, I stayed home and fixed up the house and caught up on a few things.

We had the shower Sunday afternoon (yesterday) and it was so nice.  Jennifer got so many nice things and we are thrilled to be a part of her upcoming wedding!  She's getting married in November.  Cecil is in the wedding (they are very close), and my boys are also in the wedding.  We tried on suits tonight and I'm happy to report they all FIT ! YAY!  We don't have to buy suits.  Carter's is ALMOST too small so we are praying he doesn't grow between now and then! 

Speaking of the boys and growing, it's official - Nolan is half-grown.  Cecil had to rake, fluff, and bale some hay this past week and needed help!  I was busy or had to go somewhere so the boys had to be with Cecil in the hay field.  He put Nolan to work on the tractor!  Look at my boy half-grown driving this equipment all by himself!

 Of course, he had strict instructions to stay on the tractor!  DO NOT GET OFF.  Even if he hit something, he was to stay on that tractor!  This is what growing up on a farm looks like!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was busy but good!  I am hoping to post my kitchen cabinet clean out sometime this week!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Guess what I did.......

I finally wore myself down and ordered my new Erin Condren Life Planner this past weekend!  I'm SO EXCITED!

I can't wait to receive my new planner !!!

p.s.  Y'all--Erin Condren has no idea who I am!  I just thought I'd share with you how excited I was to order my new planner and get re-organized!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's on yours this week?

As is typical on any given weekend for me (after a good football game of course), I start thinking about what is going to be on my menu for the upcoming week.

Here is this week's menu:

Monday - Texas Hash
Tuesday - Baked Chicken Legs, peas, another veggie (squash? okra?)
Wednesday - Spaghetti
Thursday - Chicken N Dumplings, peas or green beans
Friday - leftovers

What's on YOUR menu this week?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend List

I don't know about you, but I am much more productive when I have a list of things to do.  Ask anyone that knows me well, and they will tell you I have lists of everything - grocery lists, to do lists, projects lists, etc.

I have a few obligations this weekend (a baby shower for a sweet friend of mine), but I am planning to be productive!

This weekend I HOPE to
  • clean house
  • make a grocery list and go shopping
  • prepare for an upcoming bridal luncheon to be held at my house
  • complete documents and forms for my photography business
  • write a few thank you cards and send a few thinking of you cards
  • make my weekly menu
  • order a new calendar
  • get clothes out and ready to go for next week
  • clean out my truck!
I am excited for the weekend!  What's on your weekend list?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Boys!

A few weeks ago, my blog-friend Immeasurably More whom I have met in real life and LOVE, shared a link to a blog that I have fallen in love with.  Immeasurably More and I have many things in common and one those things is that we are both Moms of two BOYS.

I'm linking up today with The MOB Society for a "Let's Hear it for the Boys" party!  I decided to share my post (from ages ago) about keeping baseball pants nice and white!

Y'all take a look at The MOB Society.  You won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One down, 300 million to go.....

That'd be cabinets, people.  Cabinets.  I'm so blessed to have TONS of cabinets in my home, but keeping those cabinets clean, neat, and organized 365 days a year is another story.

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house happens to be a hutch that we received as a wedding gift.  I keep this piece in our formal dining room because it fits perfectly on the wall in that room.

I had "extra" time (ha-ha) Monday since I didn't have to work and decided to clean out and organize the cabinet.

First, I took everything out of the cabinet and dusted the inside of it and the shelves.

Then, I took stock of what I had, what I needed/could get rid of (yard sale), and what needed to be trashed.  I'm moving toward living a little more "simple" and knew I wanted/needed to get rid of some things.

After I went through all the items, I put everything back in the hutch based on its season (Christmas, Fall, Easter, etc.).

The result?  A perfectly organized hutch.

And a great feeling of satisfaction (not to mention something crossed off my to do list).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Week's Menu

I knew we were going to have a BUSY week this week and while I typically have a menu in place each week I especially wanted one this week.

Sunday - grilled with brother/nieces
Monday - poppy seed chicken, brown mushroom rice, peas
Tuesday - (hopefully) my mother-in-law will have mercy on us because I have 2 meetings
Wednesday - Loaded Flank Steak, rice or potatoes?, green beans or okra
Thursday - Pork Roast with rice, peas, okra, carrots
Friday - leftovers

What's on your MENU this week?

Monday, September 3, 2012

On My List(s)....

I'm a Type A person.  Serious Type A.  At any given time you can find at least 2 "to do" lists on my counter.  If you look real hard, you might find some on my counter, one or two in my purse and one in my calendar. 

I'm trying to get better about giving myself more time to do the items on my lists, rather than thinking I have to get them all done in one day.  I don't have the time (or the energy) to do that anymore.

This weekend (Saturday-Sunday-today) we have been "lazy".  We went to the Gator game Saturday and spent some time with hubby's family, went to church yesterday morning, then spent all afternoon/evening with my brother and nieces.  Today, the boys and I are staying around the house (maybe going to the park?), and I hope to get A LOT of the items on my to do list knocked out since I don't have to work today.

I plan to:
  • pay bills and balance the checkbooks
  • fill out some paperwork that I need to email to our banker
  • make the menu for the week and take out the meat we'll need
  • make a dent in the laundry
  • clean my bathroom (and the boys' bathrooms)
  • call an a/c man about fixing our a/c at the house
  • sort and organize the pictures on my computer (an ongoing project)
  • de-clutter and organize my kitchen (this will be a HUGE blog post, I hope)
  • take out our school and work clothes for the week
  • design/have designed some pamphlets or flyers about fall sessions for my photography "business"
  • lots more........
What did you do this weekend?  Big plans for this week?