Monday, May 14, 2012

Making a Menu

Last week I blogged about making a grocery list and this week for "Money Monday" I'm going to show you how I make my menu.

My sweet Mama always made her menu on Sunday afternoons and I can still see it in my mind hanging on our refrigerator door on a sheet of college-ruled notebook paper, line drawn straight down the center and everything labeled by day!  I have to say that I definitely follow in her footsteps when it comes to menu making, but I'm not quite as stringent as she was on the whole "straight lines down notebook paper thing".  HA!  I have a cute little menu notepad that I use to write my menu on for the week (and sometimes if I have extra time I'll make a menu for several weeks).

 Usually I will flip through my cookbooks if I'm wanting to try something new and then I'll write down the name of the dish, etc. on whatever day we'll be having that, then I put the book and page number next to it so I know where to go back to.  It would be just like me to forget where on earth I saw that "new recipe".  HA!

The other thing I do when making my menu is cross-reference my calendar!  We are so busy these days with both boys playing baseball, etc. so I know I can't make a dish that takes over an hour on a baseball night.  If I have a meeting or if we have church, then quicker meals have to be on the menu!
I encourage you to make a menu! It will make your house run a little more smoothly and help you save money in the process since you aren't running to the store 5 times a week!

Do you make a menu?  If so, what is your process?



  1. I do the same thing. We clean out the fridge and pantry every Sunday, this let's us see what we have on hand and starts the week off fresh. I have a notebook I write my meal plans in so I can go back and see what we have in the past. That way we aren't eating the same things all the time. I too write the name of the cookbook and the page if trying something new or just using a tried and true recipe out of one of our cookbooks. We then do all the grocery shopping for the week afterward. Makes things run so much more smoothly, especially on nights where either we or our daughter has an obligation or sports activity.

    1. Reading this makes me want to plan a menu!

  2. I love those sheets..where are they from? I definitely need to plan meals or spend a few days preparing and freexing crock pot meals.


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