Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tree

When we were at Disney a few weeks ago, we had breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian resort.  The breakfast was divine and the 2012 life size Gingerbread House was amazing.  Even more amazing was this floor to ceiling beautiful Christmas tree.

I took the photo with my phone, so it's a little poor, but I have better pictures with my good camera that I'll share in the coming weeks.

Merry Christmas y'all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Candy in the WORLD

Have y'all tried this stuff?

It's SOOO GOOD.  I hate licorice but I will eat this until the entire package is gone! One of my good friends got me hooked on this candy and now I have to buy it every time I'm at the store!

It's strawberry liquorice.  It's divine.  Heaven in a package.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Restaurant and Dinner with Friends

We had dinner with some of our friends a few weeks ago and went to one of my favorite restaurants!  We don't go to this place very often because, hello--I have no TIME, but we made time this particular evening and we had a blast!  The boys tagged along and thought they were big stuff because they rode in the big truck with our friends.

My youngest, Carter, doesn't warm up to others very quickly, but he LOVES him some Allie!  We laughed because we couldn't believe he sat right by her AND took a picture!

I had another picture to add here, of Max and I, but I didn't get permission from him to use the photo, so you'll have to deal with more words instead.  HA!  We had a great time and the memories are really what count anyhow.

We enjoyed getting together with our friends and look forward to many, many  more memories!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Sorting Gifts

I've been working on sorting and organizing our Christmas gifts for a few weeks now. I just go in and sort/organize when I have a few minutes here or there. This weekend, a sweet friend came over and helped me wrap ALL DAY LONG and now I'm completely finished wrapping all this plus more!

It was a huge task, but we finished and now I feel like I can really enjoy this week so much more with my boys!  I had a sick one over the weekend but he's feeling better now and I'm so thankful.
I'll try to take a photo of everything all wrapped up!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Usually I have matched clothing and a plan for our annual family Christmas card photo.  Because I've had to let some things go due to my stress level and in order to remain somewhat sane, I did a "fly by the seat of my pants card" this year.

I used one of my favorite pictures of the boys from the beach, one I took from Disney a few weeks ago, and one we took on Thanksgiving Day at the river house.

I think our card turned out quite well (this is just a preview of the card from my computer screen).

I have LOTS of things to blog about, but NOT lots of time!  I'm planning to get all my gifts wrapped this weekend!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What a trip...

We're BACK from a weekend trip to the happiest place on earth!  It was a whirlwind trip, the kids had a good time, and that's what matters.  I have to say though, it's good to be home!  I usually never want to leave Disney, but this time, I was ready to be home!

We have parties and programs, meetings and menus, laundry and dishes, but I'm determined to stay stress-free again for the holidays!  It makes things so much easier!  I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping and now I just need to get things wrapped.  I plan to finish up my shopping sometime next week (if possible) and get everything done!

I was able to (FINALLY) get my Christmas cards ordered last night.  I ordered from a company that I've never ordered from, so the jury is out on the quality.  I also got my photography business cards ordered!  This has really taken off for me and I'm so grateful and so blessed to be able to make extra money doing something I LOVE.

I'm hoping to stay caught up with blogging during the holiday season but with Blogger telling me I'm out of photo space (who knows how/why that is) I don't know what I'll be able to do!

Have a great week, y'all!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's ALMOST Time....

If you're like me, you're knee deep in Christmas preparations, getting the tree up and decorated, to do lists, and everything else that comes with having children or a home!  So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed the season and not been too stressed out.  Actually, I don't even have my Christmas cards ordered. HA!

My family is getting ready for a little mini-vacation!  We started counting down about 8 weeks ago and can't believe it's FINALLY TIME! (don't worry, I have a house-sitter while we're gone)

We've got a big crowd going again and a really special surprise in store for Carter who turns 7 while we're there!  Add in a dinner at the Crystal Palace (Carter's choice) and a breakfast at the Grand Floridian (SO excited to see the gingerbread house) and it's going to be a magical time.  I just know it.

The boys are excited and Mom is excited too!  Dad would rather be in the hunting woods, but too bad so sad.  He's going too!