Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's ALMOST Time....

If you're like me, you're knee deep in Christmas preparations, getting the tree up and decorated, to do lists, and everything else that comes with having children or a home!  So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed the season and not been too stressed out.  Actually, I don't even have my Christmas cards ordered. HA!

My family is getting ready for a little mini-vacation!  We started counting down about 8 weeks ago and can't believe it's FINALLY TIME! (don't worry, I have a house-sitter while we're gone)

We've got a big crowd going again and a really special surprise in store for Carter who turns 7 while we're there!  Add in a dinner at the Crystal Palace (Carter's choice) and a breakfast at the Grand Floridian (SO excited to see the gingerbread house) and it's going to be a magical time.  I just know it.

The boys are excited and Mom is excited too!  Dad would rather be in the hunting woods, but too bad so sad.  He's going too!


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