Monday, November 19, 2012

Saying No....

With the busy season upon us, I'm reminded of how the hubby and I handled our holiday season last year.  It was called the NO STRESS HOLIDAY SEASON.  We did what we could when we could and what we couldn't do, we didn't worry about.

It.Was.Fabulous.  We just enjoyed things so much more.  Family-Food-Friends--even nature seemed a little brighter.

 We've decided to do the same thing again this year, only doing what we have to and not worry about the rest.  If we can make a function or obligation, GREAT!  If not, it's because we are enjoying our boys and the season.
 We did something fun last year with the boys and we want to continue that as well!  We had them write on paper things they wanted to do during the month of December (fun things), such as pizza night, light looking, ice-cream for snack, even a spontaneous trip to Disney goes in the bucket!  We picked one thing each night from the jar, then we did that fun item the next night.  They had a blast and it was fun to guess what we'd be doing the next night!

For us this season, saying no means more time with our boys and each other.  We don't say no to hurt people's feelings and certainly there are a few things we "have" to do, but for the most part, we just enjoy TRYING to slow down and have fun with our little family.

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