Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween (yes, I realize it's mid-November)

I realize it's mid-November, but I did want to look back years from now and remember the Halloween that I "threw" together in about 1 hour! HA!

We had kind of decided not to go trick-or-treating since both boys had little parties in their classrooms and it was a school night.  Along came Halloween though and hubby and I decided we would take the boys around to a few houses in town and let them trick or treat just a little bit.

Because I didn't plan on any of this, I didn't really have "costumes" for them, but baseball uniforms always work well in a pinch! HA!

 My cute ball players ready for trick or treating!  We loaded up with a set of our cousins and rode in the back of hubby's truck through town. (don't worry, everyone does that here).

What a Happy Halloween it turned out to be!

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