Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saving the Green!

And I'm not talking about the environment either! Y'all know that hole in the ozone? It's probably from my aerosol hairspray!! ha-ha I'm not necessarily opposed to recycling and the like, I just don't have time for it or to deliver the recyclables to a facility. Sorry dear environmentalists.

Anyhow--this post is about saving green MONEY! That couponing thing is really paying off! I've always used coupons, and have always scouted the deals, but lately, I've come across a few great deals!

For example, I went to Target on Sunday afternoon and got all this for $20.00. Yup. $20.

I realize some of it is random--really? Who buys cheese and Windex in the same trip? But..we were out of cheese and I needed to use my Windex coupons! This may not look like a lot to you, but this Windex alone is 12.99!!

I've been wanting to clean the outside of our windows for quite some time and this NEW product just screamed at me. Y'all that know me well know I have a fetish (sp?) for new cleaning products. If it's new, I've tried it! Trust me! Anyhow--this stuff looks so easy to use and it has a tall pole with it, so if I have to, I can probably do the windows without hubby's help.

Good thing too, cause he has a serious aversion to doing yard work. Yes, he's a farmer. Yes, one would think that he would be okay with yard work. No, he's not. Yes, I know that's weird.

The Windex was $12.99 and I had a $5.00 manufacturer coupon and a $3 Target coupon, AND a "free $5 gift card coupon" from Target if I purchased this...so....guess how much this ACTUALLY cost me? Yup. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Here's my other deal for ya.....This NEW Motrin PM (I don't have a fetish with NEW nighttime medicine although I can see why you would think I do)--but it's $3.99 at Target and I had a $3.00 Motrin coupon and a $1.00 Target Coupon. Guess what? THAT MEANS FREE!
Now...y'all go find those coupons I just wrote about and show me what you got for FREE! Happy shopping! OH--and one more thing--Target gives you a .05 cent discount for each reusable bag you use so I got .05 taken off too!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball with Big Boys and Little Boys

Yesterday afternoon I went to pick Nolan up from the "big boy baseball field" (otherwise known as the high school baseball field) and the big boys were having a "fun" practice--they were actually hitting off a tee and running! It was FUN! We had 5 little boys there too--the head coach's 2 boys, my 2 boys, and one of the player's little brothers.

The big boys were still running, throwing, and fielding, but were letting the little boys run for them and taking turns with them. They also let our little boys hit! It was adorable! The big boys were cheering on the little ones and telling them to "run-run-run" and "great hit buddy"....it was so cute. They really got into the little ones being at practice.

Some of the "big" boys...sort of looks like a lot of chiefs and not so many Indians huh? HA!
Our "little" boys getting ready for their turn--yes, they HAD to wear helmets!
I think one of the best parts was that the "big" boys recognized it would be DRAMA if our little ones "got out" so they missed catching balls on purpose, overthrew the base, etc. It was heartwarming, really. Just plain fun (and funny)!

Nolan almost at first base!
Y'all ever seen that movie "Angels in the Outfield"? That's what this reminded me of! And of course, our little boys were smiling the whole way home (home plate that is)!! HA!

One of the big boys (and a sweetheart at that!) waiting on someone to throw the ball to home so he could "tag" Nolan--you see how he's blocking the plate? ha-ha-ha--Nolan got around him though!!

I have to admit here and now that I was really nervous about Nolan being out there with the baseballs flying and such--but they were making our little boys wear helmets, so I felt better about it (only slightly though). Of ALL the kids out there--guess which ones gets hit? MINE. Nolan got hit in the leg (or side maybe?) with the ball (hard too)...I mean, seriously, I heard the smack! I kept waiting on wailing and gnashing of teeth to occur, but...he was a tough cookie and sort of blew it off....I know it hurt though! I have to say--immediately after he got hit, several of the big boys took to him and made sure he was okay, etc. It was sweet!

Max and Carter--cute huh?
It was so much fun and really reminded the big boys of how much fun the game could be! And the little boys? Just happy to be there!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess where we're going (but not until December)

Guess where we're going in December??????????????????? I'll give you ONE, SMALL hint.

You guess yet? hee-hee-hee

DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!! We're going for the "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party"...and are SO EXCITED! There will be a group of us! My family, my in-laws, and my brother-in-law are all piling into the French Quarter (3 rooms, of course)--to have a great weekend getaway together!

Cecil and I took the boys last year for the Merry Christmas Party and had a blast! The kids loved it, we loved it, and it was just magical (for lack of a better word)! We are so excited and although my father in law would NEVER admit it, he is too. (and if he reads this blog post, I just might get an email, ha-ha). The brother in law, likes Disney too, so he's just fine with all of us going and my mother in law loves it too! We're a Disney family, what can I say? ha!

Yahoo! Is it December yet?


Monday, April 19, 2010

it's just MAGICAL.

Annie "got me" today for not posting about my most recent trip to Disney--I took the boys for 3 days over spring break. My wonderful mother-in-law also went with us to help me! Just 2 boys and 2 girls--(the hubby stayed home to do baseball and work on the watermelons).

Y'all know I'm a sucker for all things Disney! This time, we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. I really liked it, but think we'll stick with the Riverside, French Quarter, and cabins in the future. (or the Grand Floridian, Contemporary, etc. etc. hahahahahahahahah--like I can really afford those places!)

We arrived at DW on Wednesday afternoon and didn't really want to head into the parks that afternoon, so we decided to go to Downtown Disney and let the kids ride the carousel, choo-choo train, and eat at one of our favorites, Rainforest Cafe!

Later on, I took the tour of the Disney Vacation Club and walked out with $100 in gift cards just for touring! HELLO! Can you say blessing?!?!?!?! AWESOME!

On Thursday, we headed into the Magic Kingdom-and had a blast! I was really nervous that it would be CROWDED, it being spring break and all, but really--it wasn't too bad. You could definitely tell there were lots of people, but we rode everything we wanted to and some things twice all before 12 noon!

After heading back to the resort for some lunch and a nap (Carter still takes a nap)--we were off again to Magic Kingdom where we saw a parade and did a few more rides. That night, we ate at another one of our favorites, Liberty Tree Tavern. It is probably my MOST favorite place to eat in Disney! They have "home-cooking".....just good food! They bring you 3 kinds of meat, veggies, etc. etc. and it is SO GOOD. I like it because I don't feel like I've fed my kids greasy-park-food.....and because it's good. But I said that already. ; )

Friday was spent at Epcot where we rode Soarin' several times, the boats (which my children feel compelled to narrate for the entire crew on board, as if no one else on earth has ever seen a garden with vegetables before).

After Epcot (and lunch of course--you didn't think I would forget to post about food, did you? I didn't get this way by looking at the food! ha!), we headed HOME.

The weather was PERFECT and it was a nice 3-day getaway and I'm so glad I decided to go to the most MAGICAL place on earth during spring break!


Bargain Buggy

I worked Saturday morning for a few hours and since my work is next door to a Publix, I made a quick trip in on my way home!

The noodles were $1.29 and Buy One Get One Free, and I had a $1.00 coupon ($1.29-$1.00)

The Scrubbing Bubbles were $3.29 and Buy One Get One Free and I had 2 coupons PER can (a Publix coupon and a Manufacturer coupon)

The Scrubbing Bubbles spray was $7.99 and I had $8.00 worth of coupons for it, so it was a .01 money maker!

I paid a total of $2.19 for everything above. Now THAT is a BARGAIN BUGGY!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's the Simple Things in Life.........

It's the Simple Things in Life, (you've heard this song, right?)....I LOVE this song--really puts things into perspective for me when I'm having one of THOSE kinds of days......(I have a point here, stay with me....)

The hubby and I recently took a class (AND GRADUATED) at our church, on financial peace. It was Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" and it was by far, the BEST class I have ever taken regarding finance and money! I have several degrees in Business and Management from the BEST university in the country (hee-hee-hee) and I had never heard some of the concepts explained quite like Dave explained them.
If you ever get the opportunity to take this class, please do! You will love it!

Anyhow. Back to the story. See? I told you I had a point.

After the class, I really got to thinking about all the "stuff" I have and if I really need that "stuff" or if I could get rid of it in order to help us become debt free. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE nice things and pretty things and for my house to be decorated, but then I turn around and complain to myself when I have to dust every single knick-knack. It's a catch-22.

I've decided to move to the SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE. I now have boxes full of yard sale stuff. Stuff I don't need! Clothes that are too small for the boys. Knick-knacks that I never liked anyway. Old magazines that are taking up space. T-ball bats that are too short for the boys. Baking dishes I've never used. You get the idea.

We are working so hard to become debt-free (don't worry, I still owe 26 years and a few months on my house, but who's counting? ha-ha-ha).........but we'll be debt-free much sooner if I get rid of some junk, pay off some things, and live life a little more simpler (is simpler a word?).

It's SIMPLE, really.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Treasures from Home

While at my Dad's house a few weeks ago, I was digging through some dishes and found these two treasures:

My baby cup and saucer

and a small platter of my Mama's.
I promptly asked "could I have these?" which was more of a statement than a question at the time, and practically raced to my car with these treasures!

The hubby is going to hang the small platter in my formal dining room--I have the perfect spot for it and the baby cup/saucer is currently just sitting on my sideboard.

I have big plans of getting Cecil's baby spoon, tying a piece of twine around it and sitting it next to my cup/saucer, then placing all that onto the old wooden high chair his Mom has (that she is going to allow me to put in my house)

I love "Treasures from Home"


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Part II - Easter "Egg" stravaganza

Part II of our Easter was going to church on Sunday morning and then out to my dad's for a late lunch and Easter egg hunt!

I have to say this is the first year I haven't COMPLETELY color coordinated us for Easter. If it's Easter here, we're color coordinated. I don't know if it's the fact that I work a TON each week and have so much on my plate, or that I'm just giving up on the whole color-coordinated thing (I do have boys after all and they could care less). The boys did at least have some purple in their vests, so my shirt/skirt was okay, I suppose. The best thing about that skirt and shirt was that it did NOT fit last year when I bought it. I hung it in my closet in hopes I could wear it this year, and with HARD work, I finally fit into it! Yahoo!
Friends of ours met us outside after church and my boys just love their boy, Max! He played with the kids after church and I snapped this picture after they were done playing.......such a sweetheart he is!
After the excitement, it was off to my Dad's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt with my brother, sister in law, and nieces!
Look at all these eggs they hid!!!!!!!
The kids had a great time hunting eggs and playing together! As is customary, we stood them in front of Dad's azaleas for their Easter picture.
What a busy, but great Easter day!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter "Egg"stravaganza! Part I

If you don't like pictures, you can stop now....picture overload on this one!

I love Easter! I love the colors, the decorations, the new church outfits, easter egg hunting, baskets, candy--ALL OF IT. I especially LOVE what Easter is really about!!

My boys both know the real meaning of Easter!! BUT.......they also get Easter Bunny baskets, etc.

I LOVE to put together Easter baskets. There's just something about knowing how excited your children will be when they wake up the next morning and realize the Easter Bunny has visited the house and what sorts of goodies and treats he left!

This year was no exception in the Benton House.........Twas the night before Easter and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse (well, there MIGHT be one in our garage, and he MIGHT have not made it through the night since the cheese was off the trap, but that's another post)...anyhow..back to my story......

The boys' Easter treats awaiting Easter morning and YES, in case you are asking, each child gets 2 baskets. Don't ask. It's just how it is in my house.

These are Nolan's 2 baskets......

Carter's 2 baskets......

Close up of one of Nolan's baskets.

Close up of one of Carter's baskets....(yes, those would be Slim Jim's you see in his basket)
Carter's "little boy" basket, as we call them.
Nolan's "little boy" basket.
I was at Target on Saturday morning and found these GREAT Gator orange shirts in the boys' sizes, so I snatched them up and gave them to the boys for Easter too! They are the "off brand" of UnderArmor or the Target brand..whatever you call it. The boys were thrilled with their shirts!

Then came Easter morning! (and they arose with a shout, and ALL Creatures were then stirring, EVEN the mouse! ha!) Let me just tell you...my kids get so excited over even the smallest of items in their baskets! You should have heard the squeals over new toothbrushes (I mean, really? If they're going to get candy, they should get a new toothbrush, right?) and toothpaste, and band-aids, etc.!!!

I LOVE their faces in this picture.......you can hardly see Nolan's, but you can tell that his face is just lit up with excitement!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter! Stay tuned for more Easter morning/Easter day Eggstravaganza!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Peter Cottontail or something like that.

I'm rather certain that Peter Cottontail doesn't wear John Deere clothing, but here's my little cottontail in the bunny ears he made at school. This needs no more words.

Hope you had a good Easter--I'll be posting our pics in a bit.