Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball with Big Boys and Little Boys

Yesterday afternoon I went to pick Nolan up from the "big boy baseball field" (otherwise known as the high school baseball field) and the big boys were having a "fun" practice--they were actually hitting off a tee and running! It was FUN! We had 5 little boys there too--the head coach's 2 boys, my 2 boys, and one of the player's little brothers.

The big boys were still running, throwing, and fielding, but were letting the little boys run for them and taking turns with them. They also let our little boys hit! It was adorable! The big boys were cheering on the little ones and telling them to "run-run-run" and "great hit buddy" was so cute. They really got into the little ones being at practice.

Some of the "big" boys...sort of looks like a lot of chiefs and not so many Indians huh? HA!
Our "little" boys getting ready for their turn--yes, they HAD to wear helmets!
I think one of the best parts was that the "big" boys recognized it would be DRAMA if our little ones "got out" so they missed catching balls on purpose, overthrew the base, etc. It was heartwarming, really. Just plain fun (and funny)!

Nolan almost at first base!
Y'all ever seen that movie "Angels in the Outfield"? That's what this reminded me of! And of course, our little boys were smiling the whole way home (home plate that is)!! HA!

One of the big boys (and a sweetheart at that!) waiting on someone to throw the ball to home so he could "tag" Nolan--you see how he's blocking the plate? ha-ha-ha--Nolan got around him though!!

I have to admit here and now that I was really nervous about Nolan being out there with the baseballs flying and such--but they were making our little boys wear helmets, so I felt better about it (only slightly though). Of ALL the kids out there--guess which ones gets hit? MINE. Nolan got hit in the leg (or side maybe?) with the ball (hard too)...I mean, seriously, I heard the smack! I kept waiting on wailing and gnashing of teeth to occur, but...he was a tough cookie and sort of blew it off....I know it hurt though! I have to say--immediately after he got hit, several of the big boys took to him and made sure he was okay, etc. It was sweet!

Max and Carter--cute huh?
It was so much fun and really reminded the big boys of how much fun the game could be! And the little boys? Just happy to be there!



  1. I know that your boys had a blast playing with the big guys. It looks and sounds like they are a great group of guys!

  2. It looks like everyone had a fun time :)

  3. AWWW! They will remember things like that forever.

  4. Your last few lines are so true. HS students have forgotten what fun so many things can be. I love that your boys gave them back that child like wonder a sport of any kind can bring to a your life.

  5. That's one of the things I love about this town. The baseball team could have ignored the boys or blown them off, but instead they chose to include them. Tells me that we have a baseball team with character. Clearly these young men were raised right. Thanks for the wonderful story.

  6. How sweet and cute pictures of your boys. What a good group of young men that team is!!

    Girl, it is all about baseball lately isn't it?

    Have a good weekend.

  7. SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! A couple weeks ago, one of the "big girls" from dance came over to "play" with Shelby cause she said "when I was in 2nd grade, it would have made me feel special to have one of the "big girls" come hang out with me" Melted my heart!!!

  8. How cuuuuute! I would be a nervous Mom too! ;)

  9. I love this! So sweet!!! What fun for the big boys and the little ones! :)

  10. Great memories being made!!!

  11. Ahhh...what fun for everyone!!



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