Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saving the Green!

And I'm not talking about the environment either! Y'all know that hole in the ozone? It's probably from my aerosol hairspray!! ha-ha I'm not necessarily opposed to recycling and the like, I just don't have time for it or to deliver the recyclables to a facility. Sorry dear environmentalists.

Anyhow--this post is about saving green MONEY! That couponing thing is really paying off! I've always used coupons, and have always scouted the deals, but lately, I've come across a few great deals!

For example, I went to Target on Sunday afternoon and got all this for $20.00. Yup. $20.

I realize some of it is random--really? Who buys cheese and Windex in the same trip? But..we were out of cheese and I needed to use my Windex coupons! This may not look like a lot to you, but this Windex alone is 12.99!!

I've been wanting to clean the outside of our windows for quite some time and this NEW product just screamed at me. Y'all that know me well know I have a fetish (sp?) for new cleaning products. If it's new, I've tried it! Trust me! Anyhow--this stuff looks so easy to use and it has a tall pole with it, so if I have to, I can probably do the windows without hubby's help.

Good thing too, cause he has a serious aversion to doing yard work. Yes, he's a farmer. Yes, one would think that he would be okay with yard work. No, he's not. Yes, I know that's weird.

The Windex was $12.99 and I had a $5.00 manufacturer coupon and a $3 Target coupon, AND a "free $5 gift card coupon" from Target if I purchased this...so....guess how much this ACTUALLY cost me? Yup. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Here's my other deal for ya.....This NEW Motrin PM (I don't have a fetish with NEW nighttime medicine although I can see why you would think I do)--but it's $3.99 at Target and I had a $3.00 Motrin coupon and a $1.00 Target Coupon. Guess what? THAT MEANS FREE!
Now...y'all go find those coupons I just wrote about and show me what you got for FREE! Happy shopping! OH--and one more thing--Target gives you a .05 cent discount for each reusable bag you use so I got .05 taken off too!



  1. See there! You are an environmentalists!

  2. I have not tried that Windex, but I'm going to Target in the morning. Ha Ha, like I needed an excuse to hit Target!

  3. Girl, that is too cool. I have got to start doing this too. BTW, I'm with you on the environmentalist thing. Like you said, I'm not opposed to recycling or anything, but some of these people are CLEARLY over the top about the "go green movement."

  4. I need some of that windex! My windows are looking awwwwful. Way to go, saving the moolah! I love shopping trips that turn out like this. My only complaint is that my particular target treats me like an infidel for stacking my coupons. I just grit my teeth and tell them their policy when they do, but geeeeeeeee, way to make me feel like a winner! ;)

  5. You are a-maz-ing! And you just reminded me I need to clean my windows:o

  6. I do love my Target... good information to have!! You are miss thrifty. :)


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