Friday, May 31, 2013

A Disney Birthday

There's nothing better than celebrating a birthday at Disney!  It's just MAGICAL!  A girlfriend of mine has a daughter who, instead of having a big party, decided she wanted to go to Disney for the weekend.  Being that her girls and my boys get along great and we all have passes, she asked if we wanted to tag along with them for the weekend.  Did she even need to ask?  WE LOVE DISNEY and of course said YES!

Clearly the sun was in our eyes here, HA!

Of course it was May in Florida, but we didn't care! We were there to have a good time!  We fought the rain all weekend but that didn't affect us at all!  We trudged right through to have our good time!

Our trip was also during Epcot's flower festival, so the flowers and topiaries were BEAUTIFUL.

My friend's daughter brought along one of her little friends and her older sister (whom we also know) so there was a pile of us, but all the kids did GREAT and we just kept saying over and over how much fun we had and how well behaved the kids were!

In fact, every time we turned around, my friend's youngest daughter had a hold of my youngest boy's hand.  It was TOO PRECIOUS for words.

The parks we visited while in Disney were the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.  We even had dinner one night at Trail's End which we all LOVE.  It's very low key and relaxing.  The restaurant is at Fort Wilderness, so you have to get there by boat or bus.  The kids had a great dinner of "home-cooked" food and then we let them play tetherball before we boarded the boat.

What a great trip with amazingly good kids! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Late week randoms

A few random thoughts for today...

*I still haven't finished all my laundry.

*Operation Clean House is full-on as my cousin flies in Sunday night.  I haven't seen her in years and she's coming here to watch another cousin graduate high school.  SO EXCITED.

*Carter made the All Star baseball team, so we're still in baseball through at least late June.

*I cleaned my truck out this past weekend.  How does so much trash get in my vehicle?

*The school year is winding down for us (we are out in June) and I have lots of events to attend.  Awards ceremonies, spelling bees, breakfasts, etc. 

Looking forward to the weekend....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Plastic Surgery"

As noted in previous posts, our family is on a mission to become debt-free.  We have put dollars and cents toward debt and have made a little progress but this past weekend, we made a HUGE step.

We did some plastic surgery.  Otherwise known as cutting up credit cards.  We haven't used our cards in a few years (except one or two) so it wasn't THAT big a deal to do this but I was a little nervous about it.  There's just something about cutting up the card that is a little unnerving.  But, we did it and I haven't looked back!  Yes, I even cut up my beloved Disney Visa!

Another step in our journey......

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Purse

I've always been into organizing things and like my things to be nice and neat.  I've had to let go of some of that in the past year because we're REALLY busy with the boys and sometimes, everything is not "in its place".

The same goes for my purse.  I like it to be where I can find things I'm looking for quickly.  It had gotten out of control lately, so I decided over the long weekend to organize and change my purse.

No, I don't normally carry around my kids' birth certificates but I needed them for something and I had a few other extra documents in my purse this past week because I need to renew my driver's license and they need about 52 forms of ID for me to renew it. HA!

The first step was to take everything out of my purse so I could sort it and throw away the trash!

I saw on another blog somewhere a lady that "containerizes" everything in her purse so she can switch easily if she needs to.  I really liked that idea so each of my like items went into various pouches and such.

There.  MUCH better.  Now I can switch purses if I need to quickly and easily AND all my things are organized.

I'm left with a great summer purse that is well organized!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


How is it possible that I went another entire week with NO posting on the blog?  I HATE that I don't have the time to post every single day.  I'd LOVE to post every day.  I have plenty of material to blog about between trips to Disney, baseball, the boys' accomplishments, organizing, etc. but the problem is no time!

Here are a few things for now -
  • All-Stars baseball started this week and that means we still have 2 nights a week of practice.
  • I haven't lost any more weight, but I haven't gained any either.  That's success in my book.  HA!
  • I have BIG plans for this weekend which include setting up some blog posts for next week.  We'll see how those plans go.
  • I plan to get back to my weekly menu postings on the blog and in life!  I've been slacking due to baseball season and my wallet nor my waistline like it.
Who has big plans for the weekend?  What are you doing?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

It may appear that I have fallen off the blogging band-wagon, but the truth is, I'm desperately trying to find a sense of balance these days between kids, work, baseball, and everything else.

I had big intentions of blogging last week but time seemed to slip away from me every evening.  Here is what has been going on.

*Baseball.  Lots of baseball.  And no stopping on the horizon, as Carter made the All Star Team, so we're in baseball through June.  At least.

*Photography.  Several really FUN and SWEET photo sessions lately and I can't wait to share a few amazing photos with you!

*Disney.  Was there any doubt?  The boys and I went for a weekend a few weeks ago with a girlfriend of mine and her daughters to celebrate her birthday.  TONS of fun.  Kids were great.  Perfect trip!

*Dieting & Exercising.  I've lost about 13 pounds and feel great!  I'm back to exercising regularly like I should be and I'm doing a 5K in January (in Disney of course).

*Laundry.  I need a laundry fairy.  Seriously.  I have about 20 or more CLEAN loads of laundry that need to be folded.  Thank goodness I have a huge bedroom and there is plenty of room for said laundry. HA!

*More Baseball.

p.s.  I don't think the laundry is going to get folded anytime soon either.  Don't judge.  At least it's clean.