Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teacher gifts and goodies

Like my fettish with school supplies (as evidenced in my last post), my other fettish would be teacher supplies! I love to purchase cute little supplies for the boys' teachers each year. I think it makes the teacher feel special and is like a little "pre-planning" gift for them!

Here's a sample of the loot I bought!

Look at these CUTE folders I found at Old Navy! Yes! Old Navy!Sight words for Carter's class....
Bookplates for Nolan's teacher! Aren't they pretty? I thought I'd give these to her during the school year sometime with a notecard.

Card pockets. These are going to Nolan's teacher, but I don't know what she's going to use them for. I thought they were cute though! I love the apples on them and they have both red and green in the package.
I love planning books! I thought the teachers might like these!
Here's a view of the inside of the planning book....I love how big each square is for the day's activities!

And who I ask, doesn't like Dr. Seuss? This particular book happens to be one of Carter's favorites (Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb is his other)....I haven't decided whose teacher is getting this yet, but it sure is cute!
Um hello!?!? Are these not the CUTEST clips you've ever seen? Look at those pears! To die for! I really am having a hard time putting these clips into a teacher bag...I'm thinking the pears might have to stay with me! ha! At Target, they have the (glorious) $1 bins and I found this dry erase lapboard for Nolan to practice his writing with. I liked how it mimicked ruled paper and will probably help him get his upper and lower case letters looking better!

Periodically I hostess bridal or baby showers, etc. and I'm always on the lookout for pretty papers or cards to use for the invitations. Look at this cute paper I found!
I think this one would be perfect for a bridal luncheon or shower.....maybe even a fancy baby shower or birthday party!

I can't wait to give the boys' teachers their "gifts" and I sure hope they like them!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School Supplies!

If you know me, you know I LOVE to shop for school supplies! It's the organizational OCD coming out in me, I suppose, but back-to-school time is one of my favorite times during the year! I love the smell of fresh, Crayola crayons and the idea of new and clean notebooks! And let's face it, .9 cents for folders is just a bargain hunter's dream!

I took Nolan (and Carter) on Tuesday shopping for a few of their school supplies. Nolan was so cute picking out his crayons and such!

Here's Nolan picking out his composition book for FIRST GRADE!

The boys had fun looking at all the different types of folders that are available. For example, this Iron Man 3-D folder was awesome (if I do sayso myself)!

At last...our cart was full and we headed home...but it was like Christmas opening up all the bags and sorting out the goodies! And yes, that cute polka dot planner on top is for ME! I might not be in school, but I had to have SOMETHING!


Friday, July 23, 2010


Imagine my kids’ surprise when I walked outside this morning and found this:

hole 001

Do you see them trying to explain to me what on earth they were doing?  See that hole next to them?  It doesn’t look very big, but it’s HUGE.  I wondered why they were so quiet.

hole 002

hole 003

I’m off to continue unpacking……


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A glimpse into what you’ll see on my blog in the next week or so…….

for now—i’ll leave you with pictures from last year’s trip!








Monday, July 19, 2010

The OLD and the NEW

About a month ago, our church finished up its NEW church—we had to MOVE!  Our church was growing SO MUCH and was bursting at the seams—our new church is quite larger!!

Leaving the old church was so hard because it’s where I was born & raised-where I was saved & baptized-where my Mama went for many, many years and where her funeral service was held-where I got married-where I dedicated both my babies-where I felt comfortable!

camera 1425camera 1548

camera 1429

As we all know, God’s not always happy with us being comfortable!  He likes it when we step out of that zone for HIM!  Our new church is growing still-and we have many new ministries growing and developing!  I have joined the Greeter Ministry and really enjoy it!

camera 1664

camera 1669

camera 1663

It’s a beautiful new church, but takes lots of work to keep it active!

Thank you LORD for our new church!


Blog Friends

I was shopping in Gainesville one day—girlfriends, I was right there in the middle of the toilet cleaning aisle, getting my (other) best friend Mr. Lysol when a sweet lady said “excuse me—do you have a blog?”…….LAWSIE MERCIE—I was SHOCKED.  “Yes, I do!” I answered!

It was Audrey, from Ladybug Lane!


She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog!  Turns out—we met AGAIN about a month later in my hometown when her son’s baseball team played our baseball team!

Great to meet you Audrey and what a small world!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love cookbooks!  Always have!  So did my Mama.  Guess that old saying about the apple not being far from the tree rings true, huh?

I especially love church cookbooks!  There’s just something about those church cookbooks and knowing how good some of those women can cook!!!!!!!!!!  If you were to open up my church cookbooks, you would see stains and splatters on many a page.  I love that.  I LOVE that they are used and to me, those stains and splatters mean love for my family!  They are eating good!

food 005

My favorite sets to look through are these Taste of Home cookbooks…….you can see that I haven’t missed a year since 2003.  My Mama has tons of these Taste of Home books as 006






If you love food as much as I do, feel free to skip over and check out my food blog too!  It’s called Southern Suppertime!  I don’t update it nearly as much as my family blog, but it’s fun nonetheless!

What do you collect?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

All that?

One would think that we are off to a foreign land for years with all this stuff……

I’m ashamed.  Just don’t ask.  HA!

packing 001 packing 002

packing 003 

packing 004


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You thought this would be a post about some rest and relaxation didn’t you????????????  Sorry girls (and guys)…no rest and relaxation with these 2…….


R&R 006 R&R 001 R&R 002 

R&R 003

Friends of hubs and mine that we both went to high school with had their first TWO babies a few weeks ago….I told “Mama” I would not post the boys names…but rest assured the names are ADORABLE!!!!  and yes, both names begin with an “R”…..TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mama and babies are doing well--

The hubs and the new Daddy……R&R 004

Me and my friend Scarlett……R&R 005

Sweet, sweet babies……