Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summertime, Back-Yard Fun

We bought the kids a slip n slide a few weeks ago and they decided to try it out this week. So far, they have enjoyed it and are having so much FUN, slipping and especially sliding!

((I will confess I never did quite learn how to slide--hence the reason I never did play softball.....I played Little League, but picking flowers in the outfield was my position. HA! I'm sort of glad too, because let me tell you, those tight white pants the softball girls wore would NOT be going on my body! We need fans AT the game, not leaving it! ha!))

My boys are gearing up for the beach and if you thought I was excited.......whew! That is all they have talked about this week!



  1. You are so funny, Charon! Girl, you know you are sportin' some white capri pants right this minute ;) I know just what you mean about picking flowers. I was THAT girl playing t-ball picking wildflowers in right field and shaming my daddy!

  2. laughing about picking wildflowers...I was the t-ball kid that cried because it was "too hot"---- yep, I only played ONE year. Ha...
    I know yall are going to have so much fun next week! PLEASE take those boys ON the beach (not just the pool, ms. i dont like sand) and get some good pics! :)

  3. I used to love to slip n slide!! Such Fun!!!

  4. Too fun! I can't wait until we have enough grass to slip and slide! We just had our yard hydromulched about 3 weeks ago!

  5. cuuute!!! :) i love the slip and slide...I want NOW!


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