Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love cookbooks!  Always have!  So did my Mama.  Guess that old saying about the apple not being far from the tree rings true, huh?

I especially love church cookbooks!  There’s just something about those church cookbooks and knowing how good some of those women can cook!!!!!!!!!!  If you were to open up my church cookbooks, you would see stains and splatters on many a page.  I love that.  I LOVE that they are used and to me, those stains and splatters mean love for my family!  They are eating good!

food 005

My favorite sets to look through are these Taste of Home cookbooks…….you can see that I haven’t missed a year since 2003.  My Mama has tons of these Taste of Home books as 006






If you love food as much as I do, feel free to skip over and check out my food blog too!  It’s called Southern Suppertime!  I don’t update it nearly as much as my family blog, but it’s fun nonetheless!

What do you collect?



  1. Well, let's see....old quilts, Christmas ornaments from places traveled, and probably, yes, cookbooks to some degree.

  2. I love collecting cookbooks too, Charon! Like yours, mine are all stained up. I don't have any of the Taste of Home cookbooks, I'll have to check them out.

  3. I'm a cook book collector too... My mother-in-law has bought TONS of Southern Living cookbooks for me...I'm only missing a couple since the 70's. :) I rarely ever cook out of them, but I just love flipping through them and looking at the pictures.


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