Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You thought this would be a post about some rest and relaxation didn’t you????????????  Sorry girls (and guys)…no rest and relaxation with these 2…….


R&R 006 R&R 001 R&R 002 

R&R 003

Friends of hubs and mine that we both went to high school with had their first TWO babies a few weeks ago….I told “Mama” I would not post the boys names…but rest assured the names are ADORABLE!!!!  and yes, both names begin with an “R”…..TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mama and babies are doing well--

The hubs and the new Daddy……R&R 004

Me and my friend Scarlett……R&R 005

Sweet, sweet babies……



  1. What a blessing!!

    Oh, and your little cowboy is precious!!

  2. Oh my word, what pretty babies! But I have to say, I have NO idea what I would do if God gave me twins.


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