Tuesday, July 6, 2010

High Seas Expedition!

VBS 2010!  Our church is so blessed to have so many people that truly care about “our” children!  Our VBS typically runs in the hundreds, and this year did not disappoint!  I know we had at least 300 CHILDREN each day!  Can you imagine?

This was the first year I was unable to help with VBS…..Since I’m working full-time and such, I just was not able to get off.  I’m already off in a few weeks for 2 weeks, and could not ask off for this whole week too.  Bummer.  I was able to bake brownies for the after-program social and a few other things, but that’s nothing like actually being able to help during the week.  I really felt so bad that I could not do more to help.

Both my boys went though, and they had a blast!  Each of them knew their crew leader personally, and that really helped.  Friday night was the VBS finale and the kids did GREAT!  It was so touching to see all those children singing about JESUS!

 camera_card 790

camera_card 812

I pray my boys stay close to HIM and allow HIM to guide their lives when they’re on the “high seas”……I’ve had some rough times in my 30 years, and I know more are still to come—I cannot imagine going through those times without HIM.



  1. Great VBS! They are so sweet-looking up there singing.

  2. Amen to needing Him!! I hope those boys will always know that :) Such cuites!

  3. I love VBS! Can't wait for Gus to be old enough to have a great time too!


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