Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Update

We're knee deep in baseball season right now with a 3 day tournament approaching tomorrow.  That's my excuse for not blogging for a week.

That being said, I thought I would provide you with a link to one of my past posts on how to clean baseball pants !


If I'm not back by Monday y'all come looking for me on a baseball diamond somewhere in the US, okay?!?!?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Did It.

I took the plunge y'all.  Signed, sealed, delivered  paid for.

I'm officially REGISTERED for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend !  I registered this morning for the 5K and I'm SO EXCITED !  Hubby's cousin that was recently married also registered and we're going to do this together!  We have been burning up the email this morning with our excitement!  She and I are both on big weight loss goals and felt like January was a great month to celebrate our successes and finish a 5K!

This is my very FIRST 5K race and it couldn't be in a happier place!  That's not to say I'm not nervous about it, because I AM, but I think it's a nervous excitement.

Wish me luck!

p.s.  runDisney has no idea who I am, I'm just super excited about running!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My New Baseball Shirt

I got a new shirt a few weeks ago and absolutely love it.  It was a custom design (by me!) and I had a place in the "big city" digitize and put it on a shirt for me.

Yes.  Baseball season is in full swing around here.  (no pun intended)  HA!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Fun 2013

My boys were on Spring Break (the week before last) and even though I had to work a few days of it and two of us were SICK SICK SICK, we still managed to have some serious fun!

One day we went to Chuck E Cheese and had pizza then played games for a few hours.
One day we just "hung out" at home and stayed in our pajamas all day long!
One day, we went to our favorite place!

Carter and I were very sick up until this very day (and in fact went to Disney with horrible sinus infections!).  I took lots of Motrin with me in our bag and we just kept taking it as often as we could.

We decided we were going to have FUN no matter what!  We all love DISNEY so it was fitting that we travel here again for our Spring Break.  A few years ago, we went for several days, but this time, we just stayed the day.

The kids had a blast!  (and so did this Mama!)  I was so scared when we got there because I knew it would be busy for Spring Break but I didn't realize how busy!  There were people everywhere!  However, it all worked out and we rode every single ride we wanted to! (and more!)

They rode Dumbo (which they never get to do)

And of course, the carousel.  This was when we were hunting a little bit of shade and this was the ticket! HA!  It was rather cool weather and only got hot during the middle of the day.  I'd say it was PERFECT Disney weather if there was such a thing.  It did rain on us for about 15 minutes toward the end of our day, but we didn't even mind--we were about to head home anyhow.

We even saw a few special people while we were there!  We ran into Nolan's school teacher and her daughter and their "Oma" (Grandmother).  She and my boys rode Space Mountain while her daughter and Oma rode It's a Small World.  That's more my speed.  HA!

Overall, it was a great Spring Break and a fantastic time at Disney!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Indiana Hoosier at the Gator Baseball game

Baseball is probably my family's favorite sport!  We are definitely a BASEBALL family!  Both boys play little league ball and of course hubby played ball through little league, school, and then through college.

That being said, we LOVE going to see our beloved Gators play baseball!  It's nothing for us to be at UF 2 or 3 times per weekend for a game series or a single game!  My in-laws are so sweet (all the time) and give us their tickets (most of the time, since they don't go very often).

While the hubby assisted coached our local high school team (he now only coaches little league), he saw many talented young men come through the program!  One such young man (Christian Morris) now plays for Indiana!  It was especially exciting when we saw that our Gators would be playing Indiana!  Hubby was smack dab in the middle of breaking ground and planting so he was unable to make the game, but I took the boys and we had a blast!

It was SO HOT that day even though it had been cold the entire week prior!  Florida's weather is VERY unpredictable.  I was so glad we wore shorts!

The game was great, but even better was being able to see "our" Christian play the sport he loves!  Christian had a big crowd of supporters at the game--friends and family from our area were there to cheer him on! 

After the game, we were able to go to the exit tunnel and grab a quick picture with him before he had to load on the Indiana bus !

We sure do miss him around here but are so proud of him and wish him the best !