Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Indiana Hoosier at the Gator Baseball game

Baseball is probably my family's favorite sport!  We are definitely a BASEBALL family!  Both boys play little league ball and of course hubby played ball through little league, school, and then through college.

That being said, we LOVE going to see our beloved Gators play baseball!  It's nothing for us to be at UF 2 or 3 times per weekend for a game series or a single game!  My in-laws are so sweet (all the time) and give us their tickets (most of the time, since they don't go very often).

While the hubby assisted coached our local high school team (he now only coaches little league), he saw many talented young men come through the program!  One such young man (Christian Morris) now plays for Indiana!  It was especially exciting when we saw that our Gators would be playing Indiana!  Hubby was smack dab in the middle of breaking ground and planting so he was unable to make the game, but I took the boys and we had a blast!

It was SO HOT that day even though it had been cold the entire week prior!  Florida's weather is VERY unpredictable.  I was so glad we wore shorts!

The game was great, but even better was being able to see "our" Christian play the sport he loves!  Christian had a big crowd of supporters at the game--friends and family from our area were there to cheer him on! 

After the game, we were able to go to the exit tunnel and grab a quick picture with him before he had to load on the Indiana bus !

We sure do miss him around here but are so proud of him and wish him the best !


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