Monday, July 19, 2010

The OLD and the NEW

About a month ago, our church finished up its NEW church—we had to MOVE!  Our church was growing SO MUCH and was bursting at the seams—our new church is quite larger!!

Leaving the old church was so hard because it’s where I was born & raised-where I was saved & baptized-where my Mama went for many, many years and where her funeral service was held-where I got married-where I dedicated both my babies-where I felt comfortable!

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As we all know, God’s not always happy with us being comfortable!  He likes it when we step out of that zone for HIM!  Our new church is growing still-and we have many new ministries growing and developing!  I have joined the Greeter Ministry and really enjoy it!

camera 1664

camera 1669

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It’s a beautiful new church, but takes lots of work to keep it active!

Thank you LORD for our new church!



  1. Brought back lots of memories for me. We made a move about six years ago to a new facility. Many things had happened there at the old one for me as well.

    What a beautiful church though! So many opportunities are coming for you. He has great things planned.

  2. Your new church is beautiful! I know what you mean though, God sometimes has to kick us to get us out of our comfort zone. How awesome though, that He is growing your church!

  3. the new church is so beautiful! i cant wait to see it in person...

  4. I actually drove by your new church last week. It is beautiful. That is a great family picture of ya'll as well.


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