Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teacher gifts and goodies

Like my fettish with school supplies (as evidenced in my last post), my other fettish would be teacher supplies! I love to purchase cute little supplies for the boys' teachers each year. I think it makes the teacher feel special and is like a little "pre-planning" gift for them!

Here's a sample of the loot I bought!

Look at these CUTE folders I found at Old Navy! Yes! Old Navy!Sight words for Carter's class....
Bookplates for Nolan's teacher! Aren't they pretty? I thought I'd give these to her during the school year sometime with a notecard.

Card pockets. These are going to Nolan's teacher, but I don't know what she's going to use them for. I thought they were cute though! I love the apples on them and they have both red and green in the package.
I love planning books! I thought the teachers might like these!
Here's a view of the inside of the planning book....I love how big each square is for the day's activities!

And who I ask, doesn't like Dr. Seuss? This particular book happens to be one of Carter's favorites (Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb is his other)....I haven't decided whose teacher is getting this yet, but it sure is cute!
Um hello!?!? Are these not the CUTEST clips you've ever seen? Look at those pears! To die for! I really am having a hard time putting these clips into a teacher bag...I'm thinking the pears might have to stay with me! ha! At Target, they have the (glorious) $1 bins and I found this dry erase lapboard for Nolan to practice his writing with. I liked how it mimicked ruled paper and will probably help him get his upper and lower case letters looking better!

Periodically I hostess bridal or baby showers, etc. and I'm always on the lookout for pretty papers or cards to use for the invitations. Look at this cute paper I found!
I think this one would be perfect for a bridal luncheon or shower.....maybe even a fancy baby shower or birthday party!

I can't wait to give the boys' teachers their "gifts" and I sure hope they like them!



  1. You are so sweet to think of your boys teachers. They will be so thankful for all the goodies that you have purchased for them.

  2. I know you are going to share where you found those cute clips. I totally "need" them for me room and maybe a few for Braley's teacher to. Also where did you find the site word sentence strips?


  3. I am here from Harrington House. I am a first grade teacher and I think your gift idea is SO sweet! That teacher will feel very appreciated and loved! ;)

  4. What a wonderful parent you are to be thinking of your teachers!! So nice!


  5. Wow I wish I was you kids teacher!!

  6. I love the $1 Target bin... Michaels has one too that always has cute notepads and stuff.


  7. That is so sweet that you also treat the teachers!!! I bet they love you.

  8. Aw, wish I could have taught your boys! I LOVE teacher goodies!! :) But then again, what teacher doesn't?!?!


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