Friday, April 2, 2010

A Long Overdue Happy Birthday Post

I'm a day late (okay, okay--I'm a month or more late) on this post-BUT the pics are cute so I'm going to go ahead with it, okay?

My oldest niece was born on Leap Year 14 years ago--what are the odds, right? Even bigger odds are that my Dad was born on Leap Year as well--many moons ago!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?

Anyhow--my niece had her birthday party several weeks ago (and by several, I mean the first Saturday in March)--and she asked me to make her cake again. I indulged until she emailed me the picture of the cake. Let me tell you--I'm high strung and get very stressed out easily, but this cake--OH BOY--it really stressed me out!

The finished product. Not perfect, but it tasted GREAT and was halfway decent!
The "big" girls (i.e. the birthday girl and her friends) chatted, ate cake, etc. while the "little" kids (which consisted of my two boys and my other niece) played basketball, played tag outside, watched TV, ate pizza, etc.

Carter found that he might be a future NBA star one day.......yes, that's him hanging on the rim of the basketball goal by himself.
AND he had a great time eating yummy cake and ice-cream!
We had a great time at the party! It was small, but nice! Sometimes, those are the BEST kind! My brother and I stop for a brief moment for a photo-op!
My awesome sister-in-law and I! Isn't her hair cute? She had just gotten it all cut off to donate to Locks of Love!
Um. I have no explanation for this picture. We were joking about 2 minutes before this about how so many teens and such now do those stupid pictures where they look like they've just kissed a snake with their lips all puckered up and gangster-fied (is gangster-fied a word?)...I'm pretty sure it's called ghetto or gangsta, but either way--here's our gangsta pose.....

Oddly enough, this post was about the birthday girl, party, etc. and I HAVE NO PICTURE OF HER. Well, I did, but it had her friends in it and since I didn't ask them beforehand if I could post them all over the Internet, I just left the picture out.....




  1. come on, Charon- is that the best "gangsta-fied" pose you could do?!?!? HA...
    You did great on the cake... cute! :)
    and Cartie hanging from the basketball goal is hilarious... he looks as stiff as a board!

  2. You never asked me about these photos... foo!

    - Jamie

  3. Honey, I think that you did a wonderful job on the cake. I am super impressed :) And all the pics were really cute. Yes, sometimes small parties are the best.


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