Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls Night Out--"doing life"

A few weekends ago, my 2 best friends and I decided that we had "had enough" and needed a girls night! We loaded up and headed out for some food, fun, and friendship!

Our first stop? Hobby Lobby. All I bought (if you can believe it) was some Easter grass for baskets--we looked at ALL Hobby Lobby's treasures, but didn't come home with any. Sad, but true.

From there, we headed to eat. (seriously? Why do all our trips revolve around where we're going to eat?)
......I had never been to this particular place, but Mandi/Scarlett had--we went to Mimi's Cafe! It was SO GOOD. If you've never been, put it on your "to do" list!

They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner and their menu has something for everyone! They served us the BEST bread I've ever had too!
Each of us selected something different from the menu--and it all looked great! It tasted even better!

From there, we headed to do some more shopping--we went to Fresh Produce (I think that's what it's called) and looked at their Brighton charms and such......then, after making small purchases, we headed Downtown to treat ourselves to dessert at The Melting Pot (see? it's all about the food!)

This trip was just what we needed to wind down from "life's ups and downs" and let me tell ya, each of us had some serious DOWNS that week! We needed each other something fierce!

We won't talk about the fact that when I got home that night I had been locked out of my house. The hubby had gone hunting with someone and shut the garage door and of course, I didn't take my car with me, so I had no keys! OH NO! This is when friends come in handy! They had to drive me to where C's truck was and get his house key, then take me all the way back home! What a night.

I saw the following phrase on someone else's blog today and just absolutely fell in LOVE with it. The phrase is "do life"--as in to "do life" with someone or people......These two girls are who I "do life" with and it just doesn't get any better than that.



  1. that is awesome girl. You look great too!

    Man I've missed you!! :) Loved your comment today. You are such a sweetheart.

    And I think every single friendship seems to revolve around good food! I don't know why that is either! LOL

  2. Great time! I love it when we get to go out with friends. That salad looks fantastic!!

    Easter blessings to you.

  3. I cannot believe all you came out of Hobby Lobby with was some Easter grass. I need your will power!!! My mouth is watering over that Melting Pot dessert. Oh, how I wish the Melting Pot in Gainesville had not closed :(

  4. This post was cute. BTW, where is Mimi's Cafe. The food looked wonderful. Don't worry, most of my girl's night trips revolve around food too. :) And on earth did you walk out of the Hobby Lobby without more than Easter grass?? The last time I went in there I think I spent like $60 ...most of which was scrapbook paper. lol

  5. That food is making me hungry! :) So awesome that you have two great girls to "do life" with!

  6. Wow - Hobby Lobby and Mimi's....I love both!! Glad you had girl time, since you are "surrounded by boys"...I can relate.
    Happy Easter!

  7. well, you're right, nothings better than friend to "do life with", but dessert at the melting pot is REAL close! Ha.. :)


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