Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothin' Beats FREE!

Nothin' beats FREE! You don't find many things in life that are free, but I sure did the other day at Target (technically it wasn't me since one of my co-workers picked this up for me using my coupons).......This toothpaste is priced at $1.49 at Target. I had a .50 manufacturer coupon and a $1.00 Target coupon, which equals FREE. Yes, I realize it has an overage of .01, but at Target they don't refund you the difference, they zero it out. I'll take FREE any day.



  1. That's awesome!!! I got 2 bottles of Pedialyte for free this week. On Pedialyte's website they had BOBO coupon and then I had several coupons from Publix on them. It's so much fun to coupon!

  2. Well you rock sistah. Every time you brush you can just smile and think about how awesome you are in the deals department! LOL


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  3. You are doing so good, ma'am! I need some tips.

  4. woo-hoo! yay for free stuff! cant beat it! and I thought I was doing good for getting toothpaste for .49 last week! :)


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