Monday, March 15, 2010

Save the Tatas!

I'm sorry y'all...I could NOT resist using that as the title to this post. I've always wanted one of those stickers that say "Save the Tatas" but just knew the preacher would look at me all weird-like when I drove up to church on Sunday morning with that all up on the back window of my van!

About a week or so ago, the WHS Baseball Team hosted their annual "Catchin' a Cure for Cancer" baseball tournament. This is the second year they've had it and it is always such a good crowd and we have a great time!

Me and Mandi (this is an awful picture of me, but Mandi looks good)
3 coaches wives....Me, Jackie, and Mandi
The boys even wear PINK! It's great! But I can tell you that as soon as the game was over, they were changing back into their red and white! ha! These boys can only take pink for so long! hee-hee-hee

After the game(s), the hubby and I headed over to our friends' house (Travis and Cori) for some steak! Travis cooked us up some BEEF (it's what for dinner) and it was delicious! We had another set of friends (Greg and Jill) who met us there and we had a great time together!

Here is Jill looking up a recipe for an appetizer........I was sure hoping Cori wouldn't sling that dish water on her laptop!
The girls (Cori, me, and Jill)

Here's the guys after dinner doing what they do best...shootin' the breeze...could be cuttin' the fool, I'm not sure which at this point.

We had a great time with each other and look forward to getting together again soon!



  1. Awww...looks like y'all had fun. And such a good cause!

  2. I love that everyone wears pink! Sounds like a great time.

  3. I love "Save the Tatas" too but my personal fave is "Save 2nd Base" they did that out here once. It was funny!!

  4. Good for those boys for wearing pink for a good cause! I am laughing so hard over the prospect of you pulling up to church with that bumper sticker...woo-we! I think you would cause quite a stir(:

  5. ha! about the bumper sticker! I cant believe you really want one! Wait, yes I can!! ha... thats neat that they really do wear pink! and everytime I see a pic of your friend, Cori, she reminds me of someone I know, but I just cant put my finger on it...???

  6. Hi, I thought I would finally introduce myself by leaving a comment...I found your blog recently (maybe from Whitney's)... and I love it!! Looks like I live not too far from your small town...and I have two boys (you can see from my blog) I am a baseball mom and I enjoy it so much! Also, my youngest plays football. I like your coupon have inspired me to collect/use coupons more.


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