Saturday, March 27, 2010

Need help on outfit, please.

Okay y'all. I need some help. You can be honest. Don't worry-it won't hurt my feelings.

Do you think this vest and shirt "match"? I really think it would be fine, but the greens in the vest/shirt aren't matched perfectly. We had to get the shirts from one store and the vests from another.

This is what I'm thinking of putting the boys in for Easter with some khaki shorts and brown sandals.

Okay--let me know.




  1. Close enough!! Besides it's not as if they're going to sit still long enough for anyone to really notice that the greens aren't perfectly matched!! I think it's cute!

  2. Why Charon.... why?

    - Jamie

  3. Charon, I think that it'll be really cute on your boys. If the greens are a little off, it'll still be ok. People won't notice.

  4. As always - they will look great. It's close enough. Hope ya'll have a blessed Easter. Love you.

  5. Yes, they match! And you know I would tell you if they did not! Ha Ha

  6. Charon, they are cute outfits. BUT do they always match? :)

    -Cousin Linds


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