Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm a Hard Workin' Man.......

.......Well, the hubby is a hard workin' man...I sort of drive my car through the field and park by the fence and take pictures........
Last Saturday morning, Cecil and his friend Travis had to separate some bulls out and transport them elsewhere. I thought I would die laughing when Carter (that's our 4 year old) said "Ride Like the Wind Bullseye!"........Y'all have seen Toy Story, right? That's the horse's name in Toy Story.....
They sort of reminded me of "she'll be comin' round the mountain"....they weren't riding like the wind, that's for sure.......

They got all the bulls moved out of the cows in quick fashion.....

Ah was great fun for my boys to watch the big boys ride horses and move bulls!



  1. Great pics! I love pics of working cows...
    Every time they move the ones in front of our house I always try to take pics! :) It makes me want to get on a horse and help! HA... which is hilarious because I am WAY SCARED on a horse...But, I've told Pappy I want to go with them one day so I can get some really good ones! (from the truck, of course)

  2. CUTE!!!! I remember one time, Chris tried to get me to go sheer sheep with him and his can imagine how well that went over with me. He said, "Jana you were raised on a farm." I said "Ya and I didn't sheer sheep then and I'm not gonna do it now!"

  3. How neat!!! I'd love to see something like that - and I'm sure the boys enjoyed it too!

  4. Why weren't you on a horse "assisting" is what I want to know?

  5. I am down in Tampa and seeing your pictures with cows and your man on a horse makes me MISS MY MAN!!!! Hope all is well...I am doing a the Esther Bible study on Tuesday night so I have been missing you at SAC and PTO :(


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