Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Asphalt, Easter, and a Visitor

No, the title of this post is not clever or catchy. I just couldn't think of anything else to call it. I know none of the 3 items have anything to do with one another, other than the fact that they all showed up at my house today (well..except the Easter part--that happened A LONG TIME AGO)....ha!

It just so happens that we had 2 loads of asphalt delivered today and you'd have thought I handed my kids the world on a silver platter! These 2 boys were in "hog" heaven! As soon as we got home from school/work, etc. they immediately went outside with tractors and trucks to dig and plow and whatever else it is that boys do outside.
All I know is they went out remotely--somewhat--slightly clean--and came in DIRTY, FILTHY MONGRELS.

While they were outside playing or digging or plowing or whatever they were doing, I was inside cooking supper and decorating (a little bit) for Easter. I know I probably should have used my time more wisely and taken down the snow village that is still up on my entertainment center, but you know--I just felt like decorating tonight. I got out my Easter Egg tree that I made last year, along with my bunny figurines, and updated the chalkboard.'s only a little, tiny bit of decorating, but it's all I could muster up energy for tonight. (and yes, y'all that is the hubby standing behind the Easter Egg Tree...he was standing at the kitchen sink getting ready for his supper.....)

The hubby has been planting watermelons this week and has been coming in late every night--tonight when he came in, he had our friend, Travis with him. Travis' wife, Cori is out of town and poor ole' Travis needed some FOOD! ha-ha. While we were waiting on the rice to cook and such, Travis helped out Nolan with some homework......isn't that a sweet picture?
All in all, a great day (except this pollen we're fighting)--



  1. several things:
    - In the last picture, Nolan looks entirely too big. He's getting SO tall. WHEN did this happen and who told him he could grow up?!?!?
    - I loved your Easter tree last year, but I think I love it even more this year. I gotta get me some glitter and make some eggs. :) And I want you to go with me and pick out some fake branches. Yours are so pretty, and I just cant ever find any (with blooms on them) that look good?!?!?
    - and, as a "Mrs. Asphalt" (ha!!) technically what you've got there is called "RAP" (recycled asphalt material). It's not often I get to break out my asphalt knowledge, so I had to seize the opportunity! Ha!!! :)

  2. oh, and I meant to say, too, what a good looking "road crew" you've got there! Such cute pics of your two little men!!!

  3. I love the Easter decorations. I need to hire you to make one for me!!!

  4. I love the Easter Egg Tree! How cute! And honey, little kids will play with anything. When I was little, I had more fun playing in the box my toy came in, instead of the toy :)

  5. How fun! If my boy had seen that pile, he'd have been right in the middle of it with your precious boys!

  6. Your Easter tree is soooo pretty! I wanted it last year, and I still do! Ha. Could I just say, it doesn't take much to entertain little boys?! Now little girls on the other hand....ahem ahem (:


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