Thursday, April 2, 2009

EASTER decorations and candy!

I am still sad and will be forever, over the loss of a great friend, but I know she would want us to keep living.......that being said, I couldn't sit around my house this afternoon when I got home from work. Cecil was at a baseball game coaching and I had to keep my hands busy!

Remember this?

Here's what it turned into!!! What do you think? I like it, but want to move some of the eggs higher up on the tree--and I might put it in the center of my dining room table (the formal table) rather than this side stand......(and Carrie--yes girl! That glitter is the BEST!)

Amazing what a little energy, crafter's glue, glitter, ribbon, and a hot glue gun can do huh?

I love to decorate for holidays, but Christmas and Easter are my favorites--well, scratch that--Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving/fall are my favorites to decorate for--I love to do big, fun Easter baskets too! I got TONS of stuff last weekend to start creating the boys' Easter baskets with, but have not had time to actually start "stuffing" them yet.

Speaking of baskets, who likes Easter candy? I DO! I DO! Check this out!

Suffice to say the boys won't lack any sugar on Easter morning!
What is your favorite Easter candy? Here's mine!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the marshmallow chicks, ducks and bunnies, and the SweetTart chicks, ducks, and bunnies (as evidenced by the empty package--who said I was on a diet?--that was like 15 posts ago, ha-ha!)

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. That Easter tree is TOO cute! I LOVE it! I did some to use at centerpieces for our family Easter egg hunt that's this Sunday, but used wood branches with no leaves or flowers... I LOVE the way the flowers look, though! So springy! Very cute... and i also LOVE Easter candy! My top 2 faves are only available during the Easter season--- Cadbury Cream Eggs & Reeses eggs. I dont like regular reeses cups, but L.O.V.E. me a Resses egg... weird, I know.. You know me--picky, picky, picky!!!

  2. Tell Annie that the Reeses eggs are better because they're FRESH!! They aren't all old and decrepid like normal cups are....
    I've been working on some crafts for the new house. I'm currently addicted to modge podge. We were in Salt Lake all last week, so I got to do some MAJOR shopping. Bought all of the easter basket stuff and some really cute decorations.

  3. Charon, your egg tree is so cute! I love it. My favorite candy at Easter is pastel jelly beans..yummy yummy.


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