Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....(& it's Prom night too!)

It's no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to put together gift baskets and things of that nature! Imagine my delight during Easter when I get to do baskets for my kids and their teachers! Even more to my delight, our "third son" will be back this weekend and bless his little ole' heart, he couldn't go without a basket on Easter morning, so I whipped him up one too! (even if he is 18!)

This is a picture of the "goody" basket--i.e. the basket with the toys, books, washcloths that expand in the water, sand toys, band-aids, etc. (you know, fun stuff!)

A better picture of exactly what's in these fantastic baskets from good ole' Peter Cottontail!

These, my friends, are the candy baskets! Loaded to the brim with nothin' but good candy!!!
(you see the whole bag of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate?--what other 5 year old do you know that LOVES dark chocolate?--leave it to mine!)

Here's our "third son's" basket--I think he'll like it, what do you think? What teenager doesn't like junk food, candy, and sunflower seeds?

If you're one of Nolan or Carter's Sunday School or Children's Church teachers, stop reading now...just scroll right on by this part....(hopefully none of them are reading this before Sunday....) Here are the SS baskets and CC baskets--cute, huh? (see, I told you I LOVE doing this type of thing!) It's just so fun to buy all the cute little stuff and put it all together!

And this is only SOME of the candy I had leftover after putting the baskets together.....again, no, I'm not on a diet--HA!

On the candy note, one of our good friends, Molly and Harley W. gave Nolan and Carter cute little Easter baskets the other day at baseball practice....I didn't get a picture yet, but I will, and I'll post it!

Look for a blog early next week on our Easter outfits (yes, they coordinate!)--would any true Southern woman NOT color coordinate for Easter? Be still my heart, honey--you better color coordinate for Easter! It ranks right up there with learning how to make homemade biscuits!

I'm trying to learn to be more thankful for my everyday blessings (healthy children, a nice house, a good husband who works hard, great friends, great family, and on and on) rather than than wishing and wanting my life away on things I don't have and don't need--suffice to say at this time of year (Easter), I am MOST thankful that Jesus conquered death, arose again, and I can live with him forever (one day!) Hello? Can you say MAJOR blessing? MAJOR thing to be thankful for?

Today is Thursday (and it's late, and I need to be in BED) was PROM night! Our "third son" is a Senior, and looked so handsome in his nice black tux! We ran by the gazebo after Nolan's t-ball practice this afternoon to get pictures and help get flowers situated--(that's why I look a hot mess with my hair all flyaway and no make-up)

Hopefully he'll have a great time tonight and make lots of awesome memories....
Until then....y'all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

~CB~(I can "officially" type CB now, cause I FINALLY got my name legally changed--yeah, that's a whole 'nother blog post!)


  1. Good hell Charon!!! You just now got your name changed????

  2. Well wow! How much do I wish I was going to be at your house on Easter morning?!?! Those baskets look amazing. I l-o-v-e that they even come with shampoo in them. Dark chocolate and shampoo..that's my kind of gift basket!
    Have a happy Easter!

  3. Wow. The boys get two baskets?!?!? What's Cecil get? THREE???? :)

  4. Good one! Watch out for cavities with all that candy! I'm still surprised at Nolan and the dark chocolate part...I just learned how to enjoy it about a year ago.


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