Monday, April 20, 2009

Springtime Organization.....or lack thereof!

I'm fairly certain I've done a blog on this before, or maybe not? Oh--maybe it was just a picture of a nice clean, playroom and pantry! Rest assured neither looks like that now, hence the reason I'm not posting a picture on this entry! ha!

With springtime (usually) comes that small burst of energy which gets one off the couch and into "spring cleaning" mode. I'm there. Really. I am. (if I say that 100 times, I will convince myself). Those that know me, really KNOW me, know that I'm a stickler for organization and cleaning! I find that the more chaotic my life gets though, especially these last few weeks, I just walk right by the MOUNDS of laundry (some mine, some the hubby's, the kids, and yes, even laundry of kids that aren't mine), not to mention the kitchen, the living room, the playroom, the dining room, and yes, even the formal room needs some attention. Trust me. No, I'm not showing you pictures.

Thus, my goal for this weekend approaching (slower than I would like) is to get the house all nice and sparkly-yes, I know my kids will ruin it faster than Dale Earnhardt, Jr. can do a lap, but still. I want it clean. Yes, for only 2 seconds. Cecil and someone else will be working on the outside pressure washing the garage, cleaning out the gutters and moving some things into the shed and I'll be working on the inside.

A clean house is to me, sheer bliss. Oh--and if you're wondering........(scroll down)--

YES! I have a list made up! hee-hee
-wash car
-inside of house (bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, etc.)
-flip mattresses
-clean out closets
-get rid of too small winter clothes (boys)
-grocery list
-mail out school pictures of the boys
-balance checkbooks (that shouldn't be too hard--there's no money in them)
-clean out shed (if I'm lucky)
-more, more, more!

Happy Cleaning!

Aaahhh...the peacefulness of a clean house.


  1. I'm home every day and my house is TERRIBLE! I'd be ashamed for anyone to see it... and I've been feeling like I need to get some stuff done, too... ESPECIALLY before Summer gets here and we're busy or gone every weekend! Hope you get lots checked off of that list this weekend!
    And 2 things:
    1. At least your kids won't mess up the house as fast as Kyle Busch, cause we all know that'd be faster than Dale there's some silver lining to that cloud...
    2. No money in the checking account is because your friend STILL owes you $5.50! I guess it's kind of like having it "invested" ha... Just sent you an email saying I hope yall havent been eating beans and rice for 2 months since I owe you that donut money! :)

  2. You got your work cut out...have fun!


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