Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Cavities! A Trip to the Dentist!

Can I get an AMEN?!!?!! We went to the dentist (by "we" I mean Nolan and Carter) today and both the boys did SO GOOD and neither one had any cavities! Yahoo!

I'll admit that I was slightly nervous (okay, I had prepared myself for the worst) going in because of all the candy and sugar the boys have had lately with Easter being only a week behind us. Also, Nolan has horrible teeth, bless his heart --he had a LOT of problems last year with his teeth and we spent thousands to get them all fixed and back on the right track (yes, you read that right). We went to a different dentist previously and he did not fill a cavity properly (apparently) and it spread into the root of one tooth and into a tooth touching it, and on and on and on. It was terrible....poor Nolan had to have surgery to fix it all.

Carter however, has great teeth and there is spacing in between them that is supposed to be there and his are looking good so far.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our dentist--he is in Lake City, so you know we must LOVE him or else I would NOT be driving that far just for a dentist!

Dr. G.B. has a great waiting area and the boys enjoyed playing in there before they were called back.

Dr. G. B. is wonderful with the boys and both my boys LOVE their hygienist K.!

Carter was in and out of the chair so fast afterward, that I did not get a picture of him....sorry...maybe next time.

Way to go Nolan and Carter! No cavities! Just what a momma wants to hear! (& needs to hear after a trip to the dentist after a sugar filled Easter holiday!)


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  1. Yay! for no cavaties! I think you had everyone sweating that one with those Easter baskets filled to the brim with sugary goodness! :)


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