Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easter Weekend!

Disclaimer: It's a LONG one!

Did y'all have a good Easter? We did! It was busy, but good!

Looky here! The Easter Bunny hit our house in the middle of the night on Saturday to deliver Easter baskets and all sorts of goodies! Poor little 'ole youngins don't get 'nothin for Easter!

Here's the boys (and by boys, I do mean all of 'em, cause our other one was back this weekend), with their Easter baskets on Easter morning!

Here's the family all dressed up for church, color coordinated of course. AND, is it coincidence that our "third son" color coordinated too? I didn't even tell him what color to bring and he ended up matching us! We laughed and laughed about that one! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my previous post about color coordination on Easter Sunday! Ranks right up there with indoor plumbing and hair paste for me! (which clearly I should've used more of on Sunday morning--ugh)

A group of our friends and us after church--in our Easter finest! We are so blessed to have great friends!

After we got home from church, it was of course lunchtime, then naptime! Is this not the CUTEST thing you have EVER seen? Carter took a nap in his bed, like always, and Damon took a nap on the couch, like always. When Carter woke up from his nap, he crawled up on the couch with Damon--JUST DARLING!

Sunday evening, we went to Alachua to eat dinner with Cecil's maternal grandparents. The boys had a great time playing outside, hunting eggs, and petting the cows (yes, I said petting the cows--do you hear banjos?)

Both my boys LOVE their Uncle Edward (Cecil's brother) and Aunt Nancy! Here's the gang!

Aunt Nancy spoils Carter--he loves for her to hold him and she obliges him every chance she gets! (yes that's a tag hanging off the back of Carter's hat--Uncle Edward gave him the hat and there was still a tag on it and of course, Carter wouldn't take it off long enough for us to cut the tag)

We walked up the lane to Cecil's Aunt's house and let the kids see somewhat of a zoo (they have peacocks, turkeys, guineas, cows, chickens and who knows what else)! Here's a few pictures of everyone enjoying the "zoo"

Yes, my friends, I have seen it all--here's a peacock on their ROOF. Can you believe that?

I just absolutely love Cecil's grandparents! They are such good people and would just do anything for anyone! I couldn't resist getting a picture of them and the boys!

Remember last post when I said that our good friends gave Nolan and Carter cute little Easter baskets? Here's a picture of the cutest basket on earth--these friends of ours SPOIL my youngins' rotten (as if they weren't already!) Here's my motto: You can spoil 'em as much as you want to as long as they don't ACT spoiled!

Even though the candy, family, color coordination, etc. etc. is wonderful on Easter, I am most thankful that HE arose and we can live with HIM again one day! (that & to hear my mom say she was proud I color coordinated on Easter! hee-hee)


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  1. Your mamma would be proud! heehee.
    Cute baskets!
    Carter and Damon actually look alike in that picture! WAY CUTE!!!


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