Monday, March 1, 2010

I might be partial, but....... this not the CUTEST little smile you've ever seen??????

Nolan lost his first tooth this past weekend, and I must say--the tooth fairy (that would be my in-laws since that's who Nolan was with) must be calculating for inflation because he got $3.00 for that one little tooth! What ever happened to a quarter? Good grief.

Either way, it's stinkin' cute!



  1. ok well he definitely has one of the top 5 cutest smiles (my 3 plus your 2). My kids get $5 for the first tooth, then $1 for each tooth after that. Can you believe how fast they're growing up?

  2. Too cute! Oh well, worth that $3!

  3. Too cute. The tooth fairy doesn't recognize the recession (:

  4. My son just lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and at the same time informed me he didn't believe in the Tooth Fairy! Did you cry? I was a bit saddened to realize that from this moment on, the baby in them is slowly disappearing!

    He is a cutie!! WTG Mom!

  5. So cute!!!

    When we moved to the little town we live in, Layla came home from kindergarten and said, "Mom, the Tooth Fairy in Reidsville (our town) is RICH!!!" She delved into the story of how one of her new friends received $20 from the Tooth Fairy.

    I had to explain that the Tooth Fairy must have made a mistake!!! She definitely didn't get $20 for her first tooth, second tooth, or even if you add them together!

    Parents should think about other parents! :) Gosh, kids talk!!! :)

  6. Love it!!! Also love that the toothfairy left some dollars! I'm a firm believer in some paper money for teeth, none of that coin business! Ha... I had to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled about 4 years ago and I sure did ask DW if the toothfairy would be coming! Ha...

  7. He is VERY cute!
    Last night was horrible! They were both up. I am with you.... a routine is the answer. They just have too much going on. I can't wait till May when everything ends. Thanks for the support and prayer.


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