Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Gift of Friendship

Look what a sweet friend of mine gave me last week.......I LOVE some Wild Honeysuckle hand soap from B&B works! Don't know how she knew that was my favorite, but it is!

Not only did she give me the handsoap, but an oh, so sweet note card from none other than "Really Woolly"....those are my ULTIMATE favorite cards!
She had no idea that I had an awful day on Thursday all day long.....then, I got her sweet gift that afternoon and it just brightened up the rest of that day and the days following! Isn't it "funny" how God works? I had an awful day and then he spoke through her. She will never know how truly appreciative I was of her friendship that day!

Thank you so much to my sweet friend (I'm more than sure she does not want me to mention her name)--THANK YOU!!



  1. I totally agree with you, God speaks through our friends all the time.

  2. awww...so sweet. I love when God uses other people to show us His love.

  3. Aren't these moments just amazing?? Such a God thing.

  4. I really like the Honeysuckle fragrance too. When I drive to Austin to visit Mathilda I get to pass by a B&B Works outlet in Hillsboro, TX. You can almost hear my tires squeal as I zoom off the freeway every time! I always stock up on the anti-bacterial handsoap "kitchen" scents - they are a must have in my house. Have you tried the "Velvet Tuberose" scent - it is pretty yummy too!


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