Monday, April 19, 2010

Bargain Buggy

I worked Saturday morning for a few hours and since my work is next door to a Publix, I made a quick trip in on my way home!

The noodles were $1.29 and Buy One Get One Free, and I had a $1.00 coupon ($1.29-$1.00)

The Scrubbing Bubbles were $3.29 and Buy One Get One Free and I had 2 coupons PER can (a Publix coupon and a Manufacturer coupon)

The Scrubbing Bubbles spray was $7.99 and I had $8.00 worth of coupons for it, so it was a .01 money maker!

I paid a total of $2.19 for everything above. Now THAT is a BARGAIN BUGGY!



  1. Wow! That IS some bargins!!!

  2. Great job, Charon!!! Have a great Monday.

  3. I got the same power spray and LOVE IT, although it is easy to get carried away :)

  4. Great Job! I love going grocery shopping now. Never knew that I would be able to save so much money.

  5. I got that same sprayer and made a penny too!! I also got a big bottle of Snuggle fabric softener for 44 cents!! Tania got me on board and I really do get excited about going to the grocery store. Takes more time to plan but I love the challenge of seeing how much more I can save!


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