Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Weekend & Weekly Menu

It seems like this weekend went by SO FAST !  Friday night was the annual Fall Carnival at Carter's school (which was a huge success), then Saturday we went to the Gator game (it was SO HOT and the boys and I were absolutely MISERABLE!  It was so bad they were begging to go home and do Xtra Math on the computer).  Sunday was church and then I had a mini photo session this afternoon.  Add in a couple loads of laundry, signing school papers, and gathering items for the week and.....

Poof.  There went the weekend.

I've got a busy week this week with a few meetings and we're also getting ready for hubby's cousin's wedding on Friday - all 3 of my boys are in the wedding, so I'm trying to get us packed to go there too.

All that to say our menu is quite simple this week!

Monday - Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas
Tuesday - Mimi's house!
Weds - Spaghetti or leftovers from Sunday
Thursday - Lasagna (because we didn't have it a few weeks ago when I thought I was)
Friday - WEDDING !

Have a good week!

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