Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Do List

If you're like me, your holiday to do list is one more thing on your LARGE everyday to do list!  I seem to cross things off as soon as I can add things!  I never get caught up it seems!

A tip for your holiday to do list is to break it up into smaller sections such as

Monday - select photo for holiday card
Tuesday - order holiday cards
Wednesday - purchase stamps and stamp envelopes
Thursday - stuff envelopes
Friday -  mail holiday cards

This is something I've had to do this season with many things, not just cards!  I've had to just take one day at a time and get through that day and what it holds before moving on to the next thing!  I'm BIG on planning ahead and getting things done when I can, but sometimes we're so busy that I just have to focus on TODAY.

What are your tips for eliminating to do list stress?

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