Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful, low key Thanksgiving this year!  I love holidays and I especially love the gathering the holidays bring!
This year, as in years past, we traveled to our family's river house for Thanksgiving and had a splendid time.   Lots of food, lots of people, and lots of fun.
I did a mini photo session of my boys and their baby cousin, "E", in hopes of getting a good photo for future use.  Our plan is to try again at Disney during our upcoming trip.
november_2012 707
We did manage to get a good Christmas card photo for my little family though! (SCORE!)november_2012 798
I also did a little photo session for my brother in law and sister in law.  She and I seem to be picky when it comes to photos, so we'll see if she likes any of the ones I sent her!  I think we got a few good ones that will work for a Christmas card.
november_2012 605
After eating and photo taking, everyone ended up outside or on boat rides.  The neighbors have a zip line from the rear of the property to the water, so of course, all the guys, and a few of the girls zip lined!  We had 2 of the men stopping the zip liners from going in the water though.  It was rather chilly on Thanksgiving here this year!  
Here are a TON of photos of my boys zip lining!
  november_2012 885 november_2012 889november_2012 892november_2012 904november_2012 905november_2012 909november_2012 913november_2012 914     
After Thanksgiving, I went Black Thursday/Friday shopping with my 2 girlfriends and we had a BLAST AND got great deals!

I hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. I LOVE the zip line! Looks like a very fun Thanksgiving :)

  2. The zip line pics are my fave! Your Christmas card photo turned out so good. I am holding onto hope that family pics with little boys will get easier...maybe? :)


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