Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tractor Driving

It was hay time here about a month ago (does that tell you how far behind I am in blogging?) and now that Nolan is getting older, he is able to help more and more on the farm. Hubby enlisted Nolan to fluff the hay.

I'm a HUGE proponent of farm safety so hubby had to go over all the rules with Nolan before he got on this open cab tractor by himself. This was the first time Nolan had driven a tractor in the field for real work.

All these pictures were taken after the real work was done.  Nolan is in the front tractor and hubby is behind him on the big tractor.  Nolan was so proud he was able to help and contribute to the farm!

Driving like a pro.  I did have to remind him to face FRONT while driving though.  HA!

He whipped that tractor in the gate and to the barn like a farmer! (even though I have told him that farming is NOT the profession he should go into)
Nothin' like some tractor driving....

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  1. They grow up fast don't they. I know he will enjoy being part of the "help".


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