Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flip Flops

I am planning to do a Mother's Day post (not that there is much to report) and some more baseball posts about our fabulous season, but for now, here is what I got for Mother's Day!!

LOVE MY NEW FLIP FLOPS!  My brother said it was diamonds and rubies!  HA!

I have the "baseball tan line" on my feet already from wearing flip flops to all the boys games and getting some sun--check this out!  Can you see the permanent "flip flop lines" on my feet?  HA!  This is definitely a sign that I'm at the ball field ALL THE TIME.  (and yes, my toenails need painting and I need a pedicure--as soon as we're done with the season, I'll get one I promise)

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day !



  1. Ha! I always have that flip-flop tan line. It would be spring/summer with out it ;)

  2. Live in the darn things all summer long, only because I have to wear shoes (hate them).

  3. Love them! I wish I could wear flip flops. *sigh* First of all, my feet are too wide and hang over the edges...second, I can't stand the strap between my toes.


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