Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Nolan killed his first turkey Saturday morning!  He and Cecil got up REALLY early and headed to the back of our property where turkeys are plentiful.  A few minutes later, I heard a gunshot and then my cell phone started was a short lived trip (they were only out for maybe 30 minutes), but my boy got a turkey!

He was one happy boy!

I can't remember how long the beard was (I think that's what you call it) but I know the first number was a 9...apparently that's a "good un" as they say.....

Carter is asking to go Saturday.  Lawsie Mercy I'm not sure how that will work out.



  1. See that camo wear mimi got thme for Christmas is paying off. Go Nolan

  2. That's one happy kid. You're going to have to show that to his future girlfriends!

  3. Love it! Yay, Nolan!!! He might have gotten spoiled on his first trip, though-- only 30 minutes and he killed one! :) DW is hoping for a big one on Saturday. He threatened to take AB last weekend (since it was youth day), but I laid down the law on that one!!! HA ha..

  4. How awesome is that!? You go boy! He's a nice one for sure.

  5. Congrats to him!!!! And that was a good one for sure.

    Hey, I was looking for your email--want to ask you a couple of questions.

    Mine is

  6. What a milestone for Nolan! Love the smile on his face. :)


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