Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Disney Day 3

If you missed the beginning part of our trip, as I posted it in Disney Day 1 and Disney Day 2, you may want to read those to catch you up to Day 3.

On Day 3 (our last day at Disney), we ate breakfast, then decided a quick trip to Animal Kingdom was in order.  Carter wanted to ride one of the roller coasters and I wanted to do a ride or two as well.

Isn't this beautiful?!?!  I just can't get enough of this scenery on one of the rides at Animal Kingdom!  They even have a hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge) that you can stay at and this view is from your balcony!  We've never stayed there, but it's for sure on my bucket list!

After a nice, quick lunch, we decided to say our goodbyes to Disney and head home and back to the real world! 

Thanks for coming along on our three-day tour! HA!


  1. Another fun Disney trip in the books for your family! We stayed at the AK lodge once and really enjoyed it. Disney does everything so well!

    1. Animal Kingdom looks like so much fun! I think we're going to have to put it on our must see at Disney list! Whitt would fall out if he saw a giraffe out the window! That settles it, we must go! Ha :)


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