Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A break from reality at DISNEY!!

Okay, I's finally here...another blog posting...but hey--I'm a busy girl okay?!!

Everyone that knows me knows I am absolutely addicted to Disney World! I mean, really addicted! Where else on earth can you take a break from cold hard reality, but Disney?

So.....we went to Disney this past weekend as a surprise for Cecil's 30th birthday (hey--I know what you're thinking--he's 30--couldn't you think of a better place than Disney?) One, he's not quite 30 (I should probably tell you that his bday isn't until Feb 12th) and two, it was the only place I could convince him to go without spilling all the beans--I had his parents, his brother and his wife, and my brother and his wife and daughters meet us down there! We had a great time and Cecil was very very surprised! I've included several pictures for you below!!

This is us and Cecil's brother, Edward, and his wife, Nancy waiting to get on Pirates of the Caribbean--yo-ho! again with my brother, Jamie and his wife, Nichole.

Cecil's mom, who by the way, is like, the best mother-in-law EVER, ordered him a birthday cake to be delivered at The Liberty Tree Tavern, where she made Saturday night dinner reservations for all of us! Here's the "almost" birthday boy with his SURPRISE cake!!

More tales of Disney to follow in a few days.....I think.


  1. That's a good one, Charon! I could almost taste the cake myself....and I probably could have eaten half of it myself too.

  2. FUN! I love Disney, too! It never gets old.
    Cecil's cake looks amazing. We havent eaten at that place, but looks like we might need to try it! :)


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