Saturday, January 31, 2009

Southern Cooks in Training!

I know I said I would give more tales from Disney, and I will, but you had to see this!

Who says boys can't cook? (or men?) I, for one, will be the first to admit that Cecil is a good cook! On the rare occasion that he actually has to cook the whole meal, I know it's guaranteed to be a good one! (clearly from looking at me, I have had very few good meals-ha!)

Both of my boys LOVE to help me in the kitchen, especially when I'm baking. They have their own Little Tykes kitchen in their playroom and every so often will go in and put on their aprons (yes, they have aprons) and pretend cook. It's darling. Absolutely darling. This particular night, they were baking me a cake (now why on earth they think I would like a cake is beyond me, ha-ha-ha)

My little Southern Cooks in Training:

Here's Carter with his red/white checkered apron like "Ms. Barbara at school"

.......and Nolan, complete with the country bumpkin red Hawaiian punch mustache!

..........."these are the special times, times we'll remember, these are the precious times, the tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever"...............


  1. Awe!! How cute! I'll be the first to admit that Chris is a better cook than I am. He's a far better baker than I am! You know what? I'm ok with that hehe

  2. HOW cute! I love it! And I agree, men can be great cooks, too! Devin is the one who taught me how to make mashed potatoes! :)

  3. Charon! I love this post. Those boys of yours are SO handsome and their aprons are too cute.


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