Monday, November 9, 2009

Tailgates and Touchdowns - Part II

The Florida-Georgia game is my FAVORITE game every year! I've been to this game with strep throat--I've been to this game pregnant as a houligan, nearly weeks from delivery and against my OB's recommendations--I've been to this game in the RAIN--in the get the picture. I do NOT miss this game. EVER. Never.

This year was no different. Our babysitter arrived at the house real early like to watch the kiddies so we could go have some serious FUN! Cecil and Wiley (the host) left town at 2:00AM (yes, AM) to go get our parking spot (we're particular, what can I say?) and I left the house with my in-laws about 8:30AM (more my speed!)

We arrived in Jacksonville at the World's Largest Cocktail Party, OOPS, sorry--the SEC now wants us to change this to the World's Largest Outdoor Tailgate. You know, the politically correct term. Whatever. I'm not all about PC anyhow--we arrived in Jacksonville at the World's Largest Cocktail Party at 11:30 and got our "groove on" with Wiley's music!

Most of us that have been going to this game for any length of time try to get the same tailgate spot year after year. Those of us who are seasoned veterans know the rules. RENT YOUR OWN PORTA POTTY! No. In case you were wondering, I did NOT use our porta potty. Actually, one of our friends rented it this year and we were able to use it. Well, technically not "we" since I didn't use it, but you get the idea. And let me tell you how funny it was to watch the people get so mad when they weren't allowed to use it! We had it locked with a padlock and we had the key--

We've got some good friends that tailgate with us for this game and some other good friends who have their own tailgate, with their family. One of our good friends, Brad, stopped by our tailgate to visit--

Our good friend, Bill, who sits behind us at the games and his wife, Darla (a Dawgs fan) stopped by for a visit as well......

These two guys? Nothin' but trouble. They know "EVERYTHING" about football and they're tough to stump!

Our family always gets a picture done at the tailgate every year, without fail! I'm just glad that this year's picture shows me about 13 pounds lighter than in past years!! And YES, that's a Diet Coke in my hand, in case you were wondering that too.

Mine and Cecil's annual FL/GA picture.....

So......after tailgating and grooving for a while, we headed into the stadium (where STILL only Gators get out alive) and had an AWESOME flyover........(which gives me chills every time!)

The GATORS were ready to play ball!!! We were pumped up and ready to beat those DAWGS!

Yes, I'm still shameless when it comes to Tim Tebow, and yes, of course I took pictures of him, but I thought maybe you saw enough of him in my previous post.....

The neatest coincidence happened at the game too.......About halftime, I noticed a guy sitting in front of us that looked REALLY familiar. And I did NOT want to embarrass myself by asking him if his name was "MH". So...I let it go for a while and then looked again and tried to talk myself out of asking him a question so I could get a good look at his face.

Y'all know I'm not one for keeping my mouth shut very much and the suspense just got to me. I finally leaned forward and asked one of the guys with him if indeed the guy in the orange shirt was "MH"......He looked and me and said.........yes!

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I shoved my mother and father-in-law out of the way and called his name, gave him a big old hug and said "why don't you answer your emails?" I know, I know...surely after years of not seeing this guy I could've asked something like "are you doing good", "how's the fam?" or some such nonsense.....but I asked him why he doesn't answer emails. Sue me. Oh wait. He's an attorney. Mike, don't sue me!

I went to college with Mike at UF and we were also on the UF Ethics Debate Team together! We had a great trip with the Team to Cincinnati when I was a Junior(?) in college and to this day, Mike and I remain great friends! Mike also happens to be my attorney! The last time I saw him was at my wedding about 7 years ago! (p.s. Mike is getting married in January--which I never thought I'd see happen, but I'm SO excited for him and his fiancee!)

After we chit-chatted for a bit, we had to get back to watching the game--it's not all about socializing you know....ha! The Gators pulled this one off too and I was super-excited!!

Hope y'all had a good trip with me as I recounted my last two Gator tailgates! GO GATORS!

Until next time....



  1. Ok...
    1) LORD have mercy... tank tops in October... how would it be??? lol
    2)The porta potty thing is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard. I can just picture people getting mad over it! HAHA!!
    3) Can you ever really have to many Tebow pictures?? I mean REALLY??? My favorite eye candy! YUM! hahahaha
    4)Your friend looks freakishly like Andrea's boyfriend. There's a picture of him on my blog, compare the 2!

  2. Go Gators is right!! Thankfully they pulled through again on Saturday...a little nervous about Alabam at the SEC...

    Loved the porta potty info--padlocks are a great idea!

  3. You, not p.c.?!?! What the heck? Ha Ha. I love that y'all had a good time and praise the Lord the Gators won.


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