Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

Carter had surgery last Tuesday. Again. For the THIRD time. (insert long, loud, sigh here).

In the waiting room.........

Since birth, both my boys have been plagued with ear infections and ear troubles. Apparently it's hereditary (which I did not learn until a few years ago). I'll go ahead and take blame for that since my brother and I both had many an ear infection in our youth.

Carter's latest ear infection lasted a few months and finally was cleared up with a few rounds of different antibiotics, but the fluid never went away. For this reason, his ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) Dr. wanted to insert a new set of tubes in Carter's ears.

Carter's first set of tubes was when he was 13 months old--then, he needed a new set of titanium tubes when he was about 25 months old.

During that second surgery, Dr. Walker (whom we adore) also removed C's adenoids. It was also during that second surgery that Carter's eardrum was (unbeknownst to Dr. Walker) attached to the tube put in on his first surgery. When they went to remove the tube, part of his eardrum came out with it. Yeah. Go ahead and shiver--I did too. In typical Carter fashion, he defied medical odds and you cannot even tell that his eardrum was ever torn, ruptured or anything! It looks like a perfect eardrum! Praise the Lord!

Anyhow--they were only able to put in one tube on C's second surgery. That tube fell out sometime this year and we thought we were on the "up and up" as far as infections go, but we weren't so lucky. Hence the reason we had a new set put in on Tuesday.

Dr. Walker was concerned that the fluid was going to cause speech and language issues in the near future, so the decision was made (after several conversations with 2 different doctors) to put in a new set of tubes.

Mind you, my Carter has NO PROBLEM talking--and he's very easy to understand, and pretty much always has been. Just ask Annie--she used to keep Carter for me every once in a while when I subbed at the high school. Carter and Cooper (Annie's little boy) were big buds. Bless Annie's heart, I know she just wanted some ear plugs sometimes to tune him out.

Surgery took less than 10 minutes, and all went well. They actually let Carter push the button to open the OR doors and his Dr. walked in with him, holding his hand. Carter and Dr. Walker are big buds too!

Here are a few pictures of Carter getting ready for surgery.....He's not nervous at all. He knows what's coming!

Carter and the OR nurse after pushing the door button. She's putting him down so he can grab Dr. Walker's hand....
Dr. Walker in the blue scrubs....ummmm..he's drinking coffee...I wasn't sure whether I should be worried about that or not. Sort of made me want to ask how long he'd been awake that morning!

Surgery began at 9:56 and we were leaving the surgical pavilion at 10:28! How's that for outpatient? HA!

Overall, we're so thankful to have Dr. Walker on our side and he is an amazing Dr.! We tease him and say that we've paid for his retirement 5 times over! (Nolan had a set of tubes and then when he was 4 had his tonsils, adenoids, and tubes removed; Carter has had 3 sets of tubes and his adenoids removed)!!! Whew! Talk about big expenditures!

Carter, right after surgery, in the recovery room. Yes, he still has a pacifier. At night only, or when he's really REALLY upset about something. Please don't judge or hate me. Trust me, if you had this child, you'd give him one too. He has passy for another 2 weeks an then.....the moment of truth--we're taking it away when he turns 4. Start praying for us now!

Going home! One sleepy little boy!

We sure are hoping and praying that the "Third Time's the Charm" for us on this set of tubes!

Until next time........



  1. I hope that recovery goes well and this one works for good. He looks like such a sweet little boy in the last two pictures!

  2. Umm, hello? He just went through surgery like it was a day in the park? He should be able to have 2 pacifiers!!
    You're a good Mama, C!

    (oh, btw, along those lines- go see 'the blind side' with sandra bullock? It's all about us Good Mamas!)

  3. awww, i hope thats it for tubes!!! three is enough! :) I know your checking account is saying the same thing! Ha... I cant believe how big Carter is getting... and i love the pics with him and his paci... I'll start praying now for yall when you take it... He's old enough now, maybe he should "trade" it...

  4. oh no, the passie..I have kids in second grade who still look for something for their mouth to be on...take it away while you can!!

  5. Hopefully this will be it for poor Carter. He is so brave! Look at him smiling big before his surgery--what a cutie. Don't worry I want be saying one word of his pacifier. We haven't whipped the bottle at my house yet and Allie is 13 months!

  6. We love Dr. Walker too...he did Way's tubes & adenoids & he's amazing! Hope these work for him this time!

  7. Bless his heart!! And yours too!

  8. I'm so sorry sweetie!! I just found out I have swimmers ear, but thought it was an ear infection too, so I have a little sympathy for your sweet baby!

    Hope this fixes the issues... poor boy!

    And hope the mama gets some rest in between all this excitement too!


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