Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't wear it, use it, or spend it, UNTIL........

.....You write a THANK YOU note. Amen? Amen.

Because I'm from the South and because my Mama raised me like she should have, I'm a HUGE proponent of THANK YOU notes. I love a good THANK YOU note! The rule in my house growing up was that you don't wear it, use it, or spend it, until you write a thank you note. And, you can bet your bottom dollar my kids won't be wearing it, using it, or spending it until they write a note either!

I have written thank you notes for flowers, gifts, thoughtful acts (or random acts) of kindness, etc. for years--never thought twice about it. I make my kids write thank you notes for birthday gifts and generosity gifts throughout the year too. I do NOT however, make them write thank you notes for Christmas gifts.

Last Saturday, we had Nolan's birthday party and he got so many nice things! Guess what Nolan started working on Wednesday night? Yup! THANK YOU cards. Since he's just learning spelling, etc. I'm only making him do 4 cards per night, but he'll do 4 per night until he gets them finished by golly. So, if you're reading this post and you haven't gotten your thank you card yet, be will!

Here's a sampling of the young man's work:

Pretty good, huh? Of course, I had to help him with what to say, etc. but he did all of it himself (except the Dear X part)....

When he's older, he won't hesitate to write thank you notes for gifts, which brings me to a special verse we hear often....

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Prov. 22:6



  1. Don't see that very often anymore. Glad you continue with the tradition. We do the same thing here.

  2. Yep, I believe in a thank you note, too...although this December birthday threw me a whammy! It took me forever to get them out! A month later.... ha... better late than never, right???? I bet you were thinking all sorts of terrible things about me! Ha...

  3. Good for you!! One day, when they remember & are able to do it themselves your heart will be so happy & proud!

  4. Yep, I love a thank you note too. Sadly, I still haven't gotten my Christmas thank you's out. Need to work on that tonight. I love that little saying though. I'm gonna try to keep true to that from now on. You're a Good mama! Those thank you notes were so cute!

  5. Oh girl, I love this. I always take photos of my kids with the item they are "thanking" for, and then make them into post cards and they have to write on the back how thankful they are for it! Good for you for starting them young. They do a better and better job of doing it as they get older in my house, cause when they were little they used to do the "do I have to?" business... and now they just know... if they want to keep the gift, they have to write the note! A thankful heart is full heart! Oh yeah.

  6. Sweetie - you continue to amaze me. And - Happy belated Birthday to my buddy Nolan! Love you, "Aunt" Lynda

  7. I second this. It's a great thing to teach them!

  8. I used to be so Thankful on paper... and then life got crazier!... I have gotten very lazy about Thank you Notes... this is Brilliant! New Rule in My House! ;) Thanks!
    New follower ... blog hoppin from Lemonade Mama's funny blog! ;)


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