Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas activities are behind us (for most), it's time to enjoy the beginning of a NEW YEAR! Typically, I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I've done it a time or two, and some years I follow through and sometimes not. This year though, is a NEW YEAR. I'm determined to make some RESOLUTIONS and follow through.

I'll need YOUR help though! Check in on me--make sure I'm doing what I say I'm going to! In effect, you girls (and guys) are my accountability partners!

Some of these RESOLUTIONS are long-term and will take years to accomplish, and others are more'll see when you start reading.......

I RESOLVE to.........

1. Lose more weight! This RESOLUTION is subject to change at anytime by said RESOLUTION maker (hee-hee). My goal is 50 lbs. I'm already halfway there and have lost 25 HEAVY POUNDS. The rest will be gone this year! I might get to 40 and decide I'm happy--I might get to 35 and decide I'm happy. We'll see. I do know this though, MORE WEIGHT will be lost this year!

2. Get out of as much DEBT as possible. This is one of those long-term goals. We'll have a mortgage until we're in our 50' golly--we're going to get out of some other debt this year. It's a RESOLUTION! Our church is starting a financial class tonight that will run for 13 weeks. It's the Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. We are SO EXCITED about this class!

3. Be a better MOTHER. I am usually so stressed out all day every day that I don't take the time to enjoy my kids very often. They ask me to play this or that, but I'm always too busy. I RESOLVE to take the time to play Memory 9,000 times and "shoot 'em up bang-bang" too.

4. Be a better WIFE. Yeah, this one probably should have been put before mother, but all the Mama's out there know that your hubby can defend himself--I'll POKE YOUR EYES OUT when it comes to my youngins. (hee-hee) Same thing as above. I'm a busy woman and don't spend very much time with the hubby (he's a busy man and doesn't spend much time with me either, but that's another story). I'll RESOLVE to be nicer (as nice as possible situation permitting), more humble (which will taste like pure vinegar, ha-ha) and more forgiving (which won't be easy when he walks on my clean floor with dirty boots).

5. Spend time in the Word and Prayer. I don't do enough of either.

Alright, those are my RESOLUTIONS. Any of you out there make any?



  1. Great resolutions! Dave Ramsey is good stuff! Our church did it too a few years ago!

  2. We share most of the same resolutions... as un-southern as it sounds I am planning to give up sweet tea (except in the morning)
    I have bought the Love Dare Devotional book.... to help me learn to be a better wife, based on what the Bible says ... keep us posted on your progress

  3. Charon, that is a great family picture! I love your resolutions. Though I think I am the last person to step up and hold someone else accountable (goodness knows I need to work on my own self), I wish you the best of luck!

  4. Go, Girl, Go!
    You'll like that Dave Ramsey seminar- just don't sit too close to the speakers ;o)
    Can I sit at your feet re: that weight loss? You're my Hero!

  5. First of all I know you don't know me, I am Crystal Rodgers' sister. I just wanted to share with you that my husband and I went through the Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey at our Church several years ago. We are proof that it is possible to get out of debt. To this day we only have a mortgage and utilities to pay on each month. All I can say is Praise God! We were very disciplined with our spending and had a budget that we could live with and were able to get out from under a big mound of debt. You can do it too.

  6. Those are good ones, and you look amazing by the way..

    I don't make resolutions. Maybe I should! Yours are good ones!!

    Happy new year!

  7. Good resolutions! i tried the "be a Better wife thing last year, but since he wasn't tryin' to be a better husband I figured... "What's the point?" heehee

  8. Great resolutions- what are you doing to lose weight? 25 lps already? Good for you!!!

    I have heard the Dave Ramsey program is AWESOME but tough. Can't wait to hear your experiences.

    Happy New Year!


  9. I love your family pic!!!

    We did Dave Ramsey, too. He really hits the nail on the head.

    Happy New Year!

  10. No, just moving across town! Never out of Texas!! Ha ha!

  11. Hi Charon - I just came across your blog today. Being a mom of 2 boys (6 yrs & almost 3) your blog title sucked me in! In reading this post - your resolutions are exactly the same as mine! I'm a southern Christian girl too who loves Red Velvet and Coke zero. The similarities are crazy!

    Just offering support to you 2000 miles away. I just started a blog yesterday embarking on making these goals and resolutions a reality. Good luck to you! Glad to find you on the WWW.

    BTW - I used to work for Dave - he's the bomb!


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