Thursday, December 31, 2009

Celebrate the Season of Christmas! (read: Mayhem!)

Christmas around my house is just simply MAYHEM. That's all there is to it. Just MAYHEM. We have SO many Christmases to attend and the kids get so much.......this year though, because we went to Disney the weekend before Christmas, we missed one of our family Christmas gatherings. Don't worry, we still had FOUR others to attend!

Without a doubt, my children are SPOILED. ROTTEN. They have grandparents that absolutely spoil them. They're the only 2 grandchildren on Cecil's side of the family (his brother does not have children) and my in-laws take the opportunity every chance they get to let them spend the night, buy them this and that and generally just dote on the boys. Despite the fact that now when we say no to something my kids go straight to their grandparents, it's actually very nice that they love them to pieces!

For Christmas this year, my in-laws bought my kids a new go-kart. Yes, a go-kart. The boys got one a few years ago, but apparently (so says the father-in-law) this one is MUCH better.

Cecil, Edward, and Grandaddy getting the boys strapped in and ready to go!
Sort of looks like monkeys doing a math problem, huh?....
For the first few rounds, Edward followed the boys on the golf cart to make sure Nolan was shifting the gears right, etc. I'm not sure who had more fun here...the men or the boys! (oh-wait--isn't that the same thing? ha!)
After a while, Carter got tired of riding with Nolan and decided to try his hand at driving the old go-kart......
Cecil's parents do up a great Christmas for us! We get so spoiled every year!! Here's Cecil opening his stack.....
And Carter before the mayhem began!
A few other items from my in-laws (amongst the many) were footie pajamas for the boys....(my kids LOVE footie pajamas!)
New Gator sunglasses (for the riverhouse and for the Gator games).....

A CAT train for Carter......
A Kohl's gift card (one of my many!)
Christmas did come to our house this year too! Can you tell?
Carter begged and begged for some black, high-top, Converse shoes. So...I finally broke down and bought him some for Christmas..he LOVES them!

Nolan's big gift this year was a Wii. I won't go into what happened with this. Suffice to say it's already been shipped back to Nintendo for a new one. Yes, it broke the day after we got it. It stopped reading the discs. Yes, I was MAD. Yes, I called them. Yes, I got something for free! They are not only sending me a new one, they are also sending another remote. I'm all about customer service!
At Cecil's grandma's house, the kids got nice things too!

All in all, a GREAT Christmas! Hope yours was too!



  1. Enjoyed all the great pics!!

    Happy New Year

  2. Wow y'all did get spoiled!! I love Kohl's, have fun shopping :)

  3. So glad ya'll had a great Christmas!!

  4. My kids get spoiled rotten by grandparents & great-grandparents too. It is a little embarrassing!!!


  5. Preston got that same CAT train last year. He LOVES it!! Still plays with it (and girl you know that when 4 year old plays with somethin' for a solid year, it's gotta be pretty dang good!)


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