Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Week of Thanksgiving Festivities

At Nolan's school the week before Thanksgiving, his class did a different activity every day to celebrate Thanksgiving. Can I tell you that my child knows more about the Holiday than I do?

His teacher is very creative, and I thought I'd give you a short recap of what they did that week. My boss was so wonderful to let me leave work every day and go volunteer for a few hours (mind you, I had to go back to work late in the afternoons and work late, but it was worth it!)

The teacher split the class into 4 sections or "tribes" if you will. Nolan was a brown bear. (as you can see in the pictures where he's wearing his vest and such). And yes, I know the picture on his vest looks like a wolf. Don't ask.

Each day, they met as a group/class and learned/reviewed the Thanksgiving story and the characters. Here's Nolan's teacher explaining it.....(sorry for the blurry picture)

Nolan got picked to be some special character (I forget who...)

They picked nuts one day......

And then had to separate the nuts into groups according to like kind. Once separated, they had to count their kind.

They wrote in their journals-

They made headbands using purple cabbage and's Mrs. H tying Nolan's headband on him.

And Nolan, and his friend, Coye after making headbands...aren't they cutie pies?!?!?!!
And on the last day, they had a Thanksgiving feast in the lunchroom. This was Nolan's first time eating lunchroom food. He was not impressed and made sure I was going to pack him a lunch the next day and every day thereafter!

It was a fun week full of activities and I'm so glad I was able to volunteer and participate!



  1. So cute!!! Shorts at Thanksgiving....(big sigh) lol

  2. What a great teacher! Looks like she put in lots of extra effort. I agree with Nolan 100 percent on the lunchroom food. Nasty! (Unless something has changed dramatically in the last 10 years!)


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